cerulean blue

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light greenish-blue pigment consisting essentially of oxides of cobalt and tin

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Among the other modern highlights are two remarkable works by Pablo Picasso, Bacchanale, 1959, a dramatic linocut which juxtaposes earth tones with cerulean blue and white (estimate: US$75,000-US$85,000) and Untitled, 1963, a subtle watercolor depicting the horse and the bull, iconic imagery which recurs throughout Picasso's oeuvre (estimate: US$150,000-US$200,000).
Lilies of pink floating on a pond reflecting clouds in skies of cerulean blue and haystacks in snow, or the sultry hazy evening light.
A DAY of immaculate beauty, with only vapour trails marring the cerulean blue.
A cheery cerulean blue paint job thinly masks the many problems at the aging Marcola Elementary School, said Rolla Weber, who serves as district superintendent and as the school's principal.
Trout picked a neutral palette of cerulean blue, taupe, burnished gold and cashew, which was enlivened by fabrics and furniture finishes with varied textures--a sure way to add drama and personality to a pale scheme.
By now the long June day is nearly over, the sky has gone from cerulean blue to sunset orange to ink, and floodlights cast the combines in a lurid and primitive glow.
You've never seen a blue sky until you've seen such the incredible cerulean blue skies up there," said Archbishop Crawley, 66, who is metropolitan (senior bishop) of the province of British Columbia and Yukon.
ATLANTA-For spring, Karastan is forecasting a color palette of light "mineral" shades of dusty rose quartz, quarry blue, citrine, amber, amethyst, bronze and cerulean blue.
Or, if you're in Quebec City, you can't go wrong on a drive through the Charlevoix region, where the autumn colours are accented by the cerulean blue of the St.
It is one of just 50 examples with unique styling upgrades, including extensive satin-nished carbon bre, while the exterior has been nished in Cerulean Blue, a bright paint which includes a heavy metallic "ake.
But the symmetry is not only reiterated but also reoriented, as made explicit in Mirror, the layers of which are separated by a sheer block of lavender that, acting like a scrim, provides an optical ground for the sweeps of cerulean blue that lie behind it.
The hotel's new design, developed by architecture firm ADD Inc Miami , features imported white Italian marble, custom designed light fixtures, luxurious leathers, rich European oak and walnut woods and a warm color palette of beach-inspired tans, antiquated chestnut browns, deep cerulean blue and crisp whites with metallic accents throughout.
Diane Von Furstenberg showed pink and berry sleeveless crepe dresses, a frosted lime jacquard coat and a cerulean blue, loose sleeveless top contrasting with a scarlet pencil skirt.
It is cerulean blue with the occasional wispy white cloud that darkens as the day goes by.
This fresh and playful palette whisks one away to the Islands with colors such as Solar yellow, Aegean aqua green, cerulean blue Mermaid and grass green Grotto.