certificate of deposit

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a debt instrument issued by a bank

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The launch of our five-year certificate of deposit will enable customers to increase their savings in the medium-term according to their financial needs and provide them with a selection of convenient saving options at a remarkably attractive interest rate with the freedom of choice of interest frequency payment," said Fawzi.
The bank offers MarketPath, a certificate of deposit insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
A secured creditor must first determine the category of collateral to which a certificate of deposit belongs in order to determine the proper means of perfecting a security interest in the CD, which may not be so clear.
The ratings are based on the high quality of assets in the form of bank certificate of deposits (CDs), available credit enhancement, eligibility criteria for participant banks, and the transaction's sound legal and cash flow structures.
Sallie Mae, a US saving, planning and paying for college company a subsidiary of SLM Corporation (NYSE: SLM), has increased its 12-month certificate of deposit rate to 1.
For the foregoing reasons, Tax Executives Institute recommends that Finance and Revenue Canada give favourable consideration to the introduction of a Tax Certificate of Deposit mechanism.
SG) (OTC: UOVEY) has said that it has set up an HKD30bn certificate of deposit programme.
For example, a one-year $10,000 certificate of deposit will earn $20 less annually due to the lower rates.
Service 1st Bank can now provide its customers FDIC insurance coverage for Certificates of Deposit up to a total of Fifteen Million Dollars ($15,000,000) using the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (a.
This is the first certificate of deposit issued by the bank to retail investors, a spokeswoman said.
It is designed so that they can recover some of the lost principal and interest that would have been generated had the money been invested in a certificate of deposit.
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