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This is also the level of certainty required for opinions given on death certificates.
Here again, Newton draws inspiration from the ancients and embraces their dictum that only geometrical construction procedures can secure the certainty required for proof, in the stage of synthesis.
The term, "resource" is not a term that is recognized by SEC guidelines and does not rise to the level of certainty required by SEC guidelines.
Longstanding informal relationships and understandings are unlikely to provide the certainty required if a purchaser or supplier needs to exercise its rights.
Nevertheless, the legal certainty required to warrant lost profit damages entails a fact-specific analysis and numerous cases have found that certainty (and, therefore, damage entitlement) was lacking.
Speer stated that the alleged cause "could very properly account" for the injury or that it "more likely than not" caused the injury, both of which did not meet the requisite degree of medical certainty required for a plaintiff to prevail in a medical malpractice case, keeping in mind that the plaintiff has the burden of proof in all such cases.