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Synonyms for ceremoniousness

strict observance of social conventions

Antonyms for ceremoniousness

a ceremonial manner

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But different turns are applied to this screw whenever a literary narrative (or genre) seeks to differentiate itself from some existing narrative practice, and not all such turns confer ceremoniousness to a piece of writing; Teuthold's formulaic patterns exhibit features which are the narrative counterpart of those found in ritual practices--a surplus of organization not demanded by the strictures of the plot, an overpatterning which imparts to text 'conspicuous regularity'.
48) His piety or God-consciousness manifested itself in his givenness to fasting and night vigils, his acceptance of material poverty, and his aversion to ceremoniousness and pomp.
Ofili's paintings, substituting primates for the twelve apostles, mock their own color-besotted ceremoniousness.
There may be different ideologies behind various aspects of temple paraphernalia, but this should give none the liberty to cast aspersions on the religious ceremoniousness of any faith.
He must be an affectionate and dutiful child of the Church, and from habit, conviction, and a constitutional predisposition to ceremoniousness, in piety and manners, find her forms and ordinances aids of religion, not sources of formality; for religion is the element in which he lives, and the region in which he moves.
The lovely metrical touches of Herrick cannot be confused with the lyrical ceremoniousness of Yeats; and the tone poems of Debussy will not remind anyone of the St.