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On the basis of these findings, we argue that Hopewellian ceremonialism and interactions were mutually constituted through the contributions of diverse, far-flung communities, creating a mosaic of related ritual practice across eastern North America during the Middle Woodland period.
ceremonialism fragments rather than integrates group coherence, while the multiplicity of cross-cutting ties generated by cognatic kinship is a basic factor encouraging men into conflicts.
Other examples may be seen in cases where silk, associated not only with religious symbolism and ceremonialism, but also with imperial affluence and prestige, caused an increased demand for the commodity in both Western and Eastern Christianity, as well as in the Islamic world.
The emphasis leads to sensible, if unremarkable, readings of Herbert (a moderate, ambiguous ceremonialism that encourages divergent responses), Herrick and Browne (generally ceremonialist poetry and prose), and Milton (a body of work shaped in complex ways by the Puritan concern with the "idolatry" of religious ceremony).
It is ceremonialism run amok, neither classically austere nor Jewishly authentic.
Prior to this discovery, archaeologists had no idea that village ceremonialism would have been so well developed to have specially constructed facilities.
Early Woodland period ceremonialism in the far northeast: a view from the Boucher cemetery.
Twenty- three contributions examine the individual as a factor in culture change; cultural patterning in ceremonialism and art; sociocultural integration--the structure of sedentary communities; sociocultural integration--the impact of national and worldwide influences; types of cultural complexes and sociocultural systems; and cross-cultural regularities.
The reader is presented here with a now-familiar list of grievances about Laudian ceremonialism and Arminianism, as well as a convincing discussion of the confusion generated by parliament's apparent "mixed messages" regarding the degree of religious reform which should be undertaken.
Herbert wrote The Country Parson in the late 1620s and early 1630s, when an imperfect Jacobean-Puritan compromise gave way to the increasing ceremonialism and sacramentalism of the Laudian period.
To demonstrate the dangerous excesses of ceremonialism, Philip Stubbes also added this Jew-in-a-privy anecdote to his second 1583 printing of Anatomie of Abuses, in a section on keeping the Sabbath.
Planting the bones: hunting ceremonialism at contemporary and nineteenth-century shrines in the Guatemalan highlands.
Exacting technical procedures to transform the natural world and elaborate displays of ceremonialism triggered condemnations of "magic" and "religiosita esteriore," a pure y external religiosity without an authentic inward, moral, correlate.
Eventually they "would provide the parochial foundation upon which the Laudian Church was built, and a considerable body of support for Caroline ceremonialism and Arminian doctrine" (p.
At the same time, however, Herrick's diction of ridicule, combined with the tiny stature of the fairies, seems designed to mock the ceremonialism he depicts.