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He said that the Convocation of the University is a landmark in the lives of the graduating students and the University and not a ceremonial occasion, marking the end of scholastic period and heralding the beginning of a practical career.
Failure to wear any one of these on a ceremonial occasion could possibly be seen as an insult to the country which awarded the honour.
It's like going on stage: exciting,'' 80-year-old Dorothy Delmonte said, smiling as she made her grand entrance through the back door to attend the ceremonial occasion that marks the time when a young person traditionally is recognized as an adult in the Jewish community.
I doubt that the televising of a ceremonial occasion involving the attendance of the President is the best way to introduce television here.
We take your visit not as a ceremonial occasion, very powerful, but a third opening after the two states, after the year of Annapolis, and now the year to implement the highest and the greatest hopes we have.
We look to share the international Olympic community its efforts in promoting the principles of Olympism and the noble human values, where this ceremonial occasion has occupies an important part in our annual agenda," added Askar.
While the visit of the Japanese Emperor and the Empress is an important ceremonial occasion to strengthen Indo- Japan relations, the choice of the ousted minister ( as the special envoy) is hardly going to benefit the ties.
Mayor of Wirral David Mitchell said: "The homecoming parade is always a great ceremonial occasion and gives us all the chance to show our support for the regiment and for the armed forces generally.
Mrs Fox's ill-considered and snide remarks attacked the ceremonial occasion of the Queen's Speech, the presentation of which is the envy of other countries the world over (however much Mrs Fox feels it is out of date in the present financial climate).
He wants his send-off to be a low-key affair, despite the Queen wanting to make it a major ceremonial occasion.
A festival, by its very definition, is an organized public celebration on a festive or ceremonial occasion.
Former Durham City MP Gerry Steinberg was granted the freedom of the city in a ceremonial occasion, 18 years after he nominated Archbishop Desmond Tutu for the honour.
That was a ceremonial occasion strictly for the TV cameras, a glittering occasion designed to avert her loyal subjects' gaze away from the unpleasant reality of Coalition plans to stuff the elderly.
At the ceremonial occasion of signing, Hamad Al-Jamali QNB's Acting AGM for SME said, "We are very pleased that QBC has joined our equipment finance program.
Despite typically large numbers of security personnel for the ceremonial occasion, eyewitnesses say the attackers were able to keep shooting for well over a minute.