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The service on New Year's Eve is the only one in the whole year that in the least impresses me in our little church, and then the very bareness and ugliness of the place and the ceremonial produce an effect that a snug service in a well-lit church never would.
As to Mrs Wilkins, she dropt her pearls as fast as the Arabian trees their medicinal gums; for this was a ceremonial which that gentlewoman never omitted on a proper occasion.
She had gone out of life vividly, her own way, and no dust was so truly dust as the contents of that heavy coffin, lowered with ceremonial until it rested on the dust of the earth, no flowers so utterly wasted as the chrysanthemums that the frost must have withered before morning.
It had been peaceful in its occurrence, sacred in its ceremonial.
It was the first time the poor little boy had ever witnessed or heard of such a ceremonial.
As soon as the usual ceremonials of a military departure were observed, the veteran and his more youthful companion left the fortress, attended by the escort.
But now, as they represented the person of the king, they thought it necessary to preserve the dignity of their station by the practice of high and gorgeous ceremonials.
They even had a rude calendar of the fasts and festivals of the Romish Church, and some traces of its ceremonials.
The forms and ceremonials connected with the meeting of the two jeddaks consumed an hour, and then we turned and retraced our way toward the city of Kaol, which the head of the column reached just before dark, though it must have been nearly morning before the rear guard passed through the gateway.
From this primitive function has arisen, unquestionably, all the forms and ceremonials of modern church and state, for through all the countless ages, back beyond the uttermost ramparts of a dawning humanity our fierce, hairy forebears danced out the rites of the Dum-Dum to the sound of their earthen drums, beneath the bright light of a tropical moon in the depth of a mighty jungle which stands unchanged today as it stood on that long forgotten night in the dim, unthinkable vistas of the long dead past when our first shaggy ancestor swung from a swaying bough and dropped lightly upon the soft turf of the first meeting place.
The same demand was partly satisfied also by the rude country folk-plays, survivals of primitive heathen ceremonials, performed at such festival occasions as the harvest season, which in all lands continue to flourish among the country people long after their original meaning has been forgotten.
Var of Putin salutes the Turkish ceremonial soldiers
Let's leave the roles as two positions, with perhaps the deputy being the chair at meetings, which can only be about a dozen a year, and the Lord Mayor left to carry out the ceremonial side of the job of representing the people of Cardiff and meeting and greeting at events.
16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hickory Ceremonial Ground, a site that is culturally and spiritually important to both the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and the Muscogee Nation in Oklahoma, is not affected by the new business development at Wetumpka.
The Duke of Edinburgh, made the Lord Hugh Admiral of the Navy for his 90th birthday, wore his Admiral of the Fleet ceremonial day dress.