cerebrospinal fluid

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clear liquid produced in the ventricles of the brain

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Extensive coverage of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Management products under development - The report reviews details of major pipeline products which includes, product description, licensing and collaboration details and other developmental activities - The report reviews the major players involved in the development of Cerebrospinal Fluid Management products and list all their pipeline projects - The coverage of pipeline products based on various stages of development ranging from Early Development to Approved / Issued stage - The report provides key clinical trial data of ongoing trials specific to pipeline products - Recent developments in the segment / industry
Immunofixation to quantify beta 2-transferrin in cerebrospinal fluid to detect leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from skull injury.
multiple cerebrospinal fluid bands: multiple sclerosis?
Treatment of intrathecal methotrexate overdose with folinic acid rescue and lumbar cerebrospinal fluid exchange: a report of two cases.
thought to be bound to LY2062430, in both the blood and cerebrospinal fluid.
Too much cerebrospinal fluid puts a harmful amount of pressure inside the skull.
Adult spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea: Diagnosis and management.
To hunt down a "sleep molecule," the researchers compared the cerebrospinal fluid of cats that had spent 22 hours on a slow-moving treadmill with samples from rested cats.
The cerebrospinal fluid was cloudy, with 7,675 nucleated cells/mm (92% neutrophils and 3% band forms).
Leckman and his coworkers collected cerebrospinal fluid from 29 individuals diagnosed with OCD, 23 people with Tourette's syndrome, and 31 people free of psychiatric disorders.
Researchers will also sample blood and cerebrospinal fluid in search of biological markers that can be correlated with Alzheimer's.
In Cuba, several research groups isolated and characterized an enterovirus in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of epidemic neuropathy patients (4,5).
Selkoe's team also found beta amyloid in cerebrospinal fluid taken from both healthy individuals and Alzheimer's patients.
President and Chief Executive Officer of Applied NeuroSolutions, said, "Our continued focus this year is to advance our cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease towards commercialization both in the U.
Next, the researchers used a mathematical method to calculate the percentage of brain matter and of fluid in the ventricles, large spaces in the brain that act as "gutters"to drain cerebrospinal fluid, Murphy says.
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