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Time and again he salutes the cerebrations as "brilliant," the poems as "beautiful" or "haunting.
Father," we say, touching our heads, the seats of our cerebrations, and we think of the Maker, that vast incomprehensible coherence stitching everything together, and
The cerebrations that came in the wake of Algeria's presidential elections were in the traditional style.
And the recent cerebrations and remembrances have led my mind back to the trip to Eastern Europe I took some months ago with my father, climaxing with a visit to Hungary, to Budapest, to the very building in which he was born.
We still think in terms of a story "changing" the reader's emotions, cerebrations, maybe even her life.
Miss Maclean recalled her appearance at fast years cerebrations marking the centennial of Kai Tiaki, the nursing journal she founded and was editor of for 24 years.