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The sense of difference defined in popular usages of the term "race" has both described and inscribed differences of language, belief system, artistic tradition, and gene pool, as well as all sorts of supposedly natural attributes such as rhythm, athletic ability, cerebration, usury, fidelity, and so forth.
The Westin Westminster has partnered with Ballet Nouveau to produce a dazzling New Year's Eve cerebration entitled Midnight at the Moulin Rouge.
The only thing left is private cerebration of the Mass.
Lawrence Bowling also dismisses the significance of Benjy's use of indirect quotation: "Even this much cerebration seems almost out of character for Benjy" (556).
Science and theology will not get us to that point, cerebration is not enough.
In the afterglow of the successful Centennial Season cerebration at Oaklawn, purse projections for the 2005 season suggest that horsemen will be greeted by a dairy average exceeding $250,000 in purse for the first time in Oaklawn history.
What cerebration accompanied his frequentative act?
Even in the casinos of Las Vegas, those great cathedrals of crap(s) where the new religion of betting on anything other than the sport that requires judgement and cerebration has taken firmest hold, there are areas dedicated to the old one of racing.
Higher education for women produces monstrous brains and puny bodies, abnormally active cerebration and abnormally weak digestion, flowing thought and constipated bowels.
When we look at Wittgenstein's example, we do not see minds engaged in cerebration but embodied persons engaged in activities of operating with words.
Thus, in fiction focussed even upon as apparently an uncomplicated and dreary a subject as s America, a significant element of experience may conceivably be barred from perceptual cerebration, and against which, as with the imposition of conscious thought in Lacan, the "door opened onto some kind of possibility" may nonetheless remain shut, as Paul Russell seems also to corroborate (339), but solely from the vantage of the 1990s: "We want there to be that mystery.
sentiment growing among North Koreans through cerebration events and political gatherings, the official Rodong Sinmun said in its editorial, ''U.
Greene tried to uncover the stage of social development at which Britain and cultures like it began to decline, as though he could isolate original sin anthropologically: "when one sees to what unhappiness, to what peril of extinction centuries of cerebration have brought us, one sometimes has a curiosity to discover if one can from what we have come, to recall at which point we went astray" (Journey 21).
9) In "Forest Notes" and An Inland Voyage, Stevenson provides accounts of incidents of mechanically-induced "drunkenness," a form of unconscious cerebration which W.