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Synonyms for cerebral

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

Synonyms for cerebral

involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct



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Cerebrally deficient so-called planners, smugly self-satisfied in their well-paid jobs, are totally out of touch with everyday living.
Singer can sometimes be testy, as when he thinks that he is being intentionally misrepresented or falsely accused of dishonesty--an unflattering comparison with Jack Kevorkian (215) is an example--but usually he is calmly, almost cerebrally reasonable.
And in a state that swears by its intellectuals -- past and present -- from Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray to Aparna Sen and Rituparno Ghosh -- the best chance for her to sweep people off their feet and translate her popularity into votes will be to cerebrally appeal to their creative facet.
So, given Locke's view of personal identity in terms of psychological continuity, the cerebrally divided Parfit is identical to each of his brothers after the operation.
Cerebrally and viscerally, Israelis know Obama is right.
In Sleepless, the author is better than ever, delivering a novel that not only displays his mastery over characters and dialogue, but also shows off his versatility, including the ability to challenge readers cerebrally while also pulling on their heartstrings.
the physically and cerebrally impaired, as well as the blind, he concluded.
The reader can not only understand Mohammed's position cerebrally, but can fully identify with the resistance choices (sometimes inevitabilities rather than choices) which Mohammed makes.
His style isn't everyone's cup of tea, and he's never going to be the most cerebrally gifted of performers.
Both examples likewise reflect an artist who sees himself also as a scholar, who cerebrally embraces the concept of ut pictura poesis and who treats painting as a form of scholarly disquisition.
Victoria Coren, above, keeps things entertaining in the presenter's chair, in this show which makes Eggheads' contestants seem cerebrally challenged.
It is a complex realism, where we are simultaneously encouraged to believe what we are seeing and to stand back and consider it cerebrally.
Only a brains trust as cerebrally bankrupt as the ECB could come up with the laughable solution of sacking both the England captain and the coach when they couldn't get on.
Not cerebrally challenging, I know, but I felt like I had run a physical and mental marathon.
The character is exactly the same as the cerebrally challenged star of that classic which set about to poke fun at the shallow world of the fashion industry.