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Cerebral sinus thrombosis in a patient with active ulcerative colitis and double heterozygosity for Factor V Leiden and prothrombin gene mutations.
6) In 2008, Zhang et al reported their experience with treating 6 patients for cerebral sinus thrombosis with rheolytic thrombectomy coupled with thrombolytic therapy with locally administered low-dose recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA).
Testing for hereditary thrombophilia in patients following a first episode of intra-abdominal thrombosis or cerebral sinus thrombosis does not clearly predict the risk of recurrence, and it does not provide evidence-based data on which to determine the duration of treatment.
Abstract: Cerebral venous thrombosis, also known as cortical venous, cerebral sinus, cerebral venous sinus, or dural sinus thrombosis, results from clot formation in one of the many outflow tracts of the brain.
The blood in the jugular bulb is a mixture of blood draining from the confluence of the cerebral sinus (CCS) and blood drained directly into the transverse sinus.