cerebral palsy

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a loss or deficiency of motor control with involuntary spasms caused by permanent brain damage present at birth

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The team's goal is $500 and 75 percent of funds raised by UCPECT during this challenge stays local, 25 percent goes to fund an idea to change the world for people with cerebral palsy.
Birmingham is now one of the leading centres in the world for classes for people with neurological motor disorders including Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, stroke and cerebral palsy.
Surgeons preparing to operate on children with cerebral palsy should look out for pelvic asymmetry and tweak their surgical technique accordingly to achieve better outcomes and more lasting benefits," said senior investigator Paul Sponseller, chief of pediatric orthopedics at Hopkins Children's.
Cerebral palsy affects movement, posture and co-ordination and may be obvious at birth or may not become apparent until early childhood.
It is important to note that not all children with cerebral palsy have learning difficulties.
Equipment for children with cerebral palsy give them opportunities to be in positions that will help them to develop better postural control, better hand function, communication, and interaction with people around them.
Wu, a pediatric neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco and her colleagues identified 109 children at least 2 years old with moderate to severe cerebral palsy.
BABIES born either too light or too heavy face an increased risk of cerebral palsy, doctors revealed yesterday.
YOU might not think there were any laughs in cerebral palsy, but Francesca Martinez digs up giggles where others fear to tread.
The most common diagnoses among children born after in vitro fertilization were cerebral palsy and suspected developmental delay; the odds of these conditions were quadrupled (odds ratios, 3.
PHILADELPHIA-- Cerebral palsy hasn't stopped a 41-year-old Philadelphia man from trying - and succeeding.
She is born in 1926 following a difficult pregnancy and is afflicted with cerebral palsy at a time when not much is known about the disease.
Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta have shown that giving magnesium sulfate to pregnant women may greatly reduce the incidence of cerebral palsy in infants born weighing less than 3.
Fitness and exercise may be an important prevention for delaying complaints in the areas of endurance and musculoskeletal pain, complaints that may often be voiced by people with cerebral palsy at a younger age than the general population (Turk, 1993).
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