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Initial workup included EEG, which showed excessive sharp EEG transients more over the right hemisphere and MRI brain, which showed asymmetric enlargement of the right cerebral hemisphere and diffuse thickening of cortical grey matter with increased myelination over right hemisphere, suggestive of right sided hemimegalencephaly (Figure-1).
Other studies also show that tumor is more commonly located in cerebral hemispheres and involve frontal lobe in majority of cases7,31.
1,5) Hypoperfusion and decreased metabolic activity of the involved atrophied cerebral hemisphere have been demonstrated by positron emission tomography (PET).
Except for 12 subtentorial lesions, the remaining lesions were all supratentorial; most patients with normal immunity had single lesions; the largest lesion located at callosum; 18 single lesions (45%) located in cerebral hemisphere and most single lesions distributed in frontal lobe; multiple lesions locating on one side or both sides of cerebral hemisphere was featured by multi-center infiltration and closed to subarachnoid space, which is consistent with the findings of the study released by Coulon A et al.
Whereas, during the unilateral contraction, where only one cerebral hemisphere is acting, there seems to be greater neural activation and increased recruitment of motor units, mainly type II fibers, which cause increased production of muscle strength (9).
The characteristic signs suggestive of ACC are: moderate distension of the occipital ventricle and the ventricular communications; absence of the spectrum giving rise to an upward displacement of the third ventricle shown in the anterior coronal section (especially in transvaginal ultrasonography); radial position of the fissures on the internal side of the cerebral hemisphere seen on the sagittal section; the absence in color coded Doppler of the pericallosal artery normally characterized by a semicircular vessel observable on the median sagittal section.
It taps into emotional brain centres and appears to arise in the right brain, whereas most language production occurs in the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain.
A cerebral radionuclide study was then performed which demonstrated intracranial blood flow to the right cerebral hemisphere.
Studying of the intracranial hemodynamics demonstrated that in case of atherosclerotic cerebral hemisphere stroke the dominating indicators include reduction of perfusion of the medium cerebral artery accompanied with rigidity growth of the vessel wall, and increase of the linear blood flow velocity in homolateral anterior cerebral artery, what is the sign of stenosis of segments of medium cerebral artery (sometimes with the similar increase of linear blood flow velocity in posterior cerebral artery).
the right or left cerebral hemisphere), and the total or absolute volume of a specific part of the cerebral hemisphere (e.
The patients were unable to read words or name pictures of objects flashed to the left visual hemifield, or name objects felt by the left hand, since in these cases the information was relayed to the right cerebral hemisphere, revealing that this hemisphere does not possess the power of speech.
In other words, we predict that the index of rTMS can be easily obtained if it can be determined which cerebral hemisphere contributes to the recovery of aphasia (6).
Most notably, a large portion of the temporal lobe and parts of the frontal lobe of the left cerebral hemisphere are specialized for language in humans, and regions of the parietal lobe of the right hemisphere are specialized for spatial reasoning and related functions.
BELFAST -- Eight weeks after the exam, the patient became acutely confused, and a CT scan showed lesions in the right cerebral hemisphere and hydrocephalus and a midline shift.