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The compound was injected into the Down syndrome-like mice just once, on the day of birth, while their cerebellums were still developing.
And as Ashe points out, it may be that some cerebellums are better than others in translating hours in the studio to brilliant movement onstage.
Cerebellum products are part of the emerging Internet Data Integration market space, recently recognized by leading analyst firms such as Giga Information Group, for improving time to market of Web-based projects that must integrate with back-end data or require mapping of EJB components with data sources.
Cerebellum Software is a Pittsburgh-based company co-founded in 1996 by two Carnegie Mellon University graduates and currently employs 56.
To be truly effective in improving business service and processes, enterprise portals must tap into a company's existing data sources and evolve as information changes and grows within the organization," said Todd Olson, chief technology officer of Cerebellum Software.
The Java HotSpot Performance Engine improved the performance of our debut application development product, Cerebellum, by at least 20 percent," said Todd Olson, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, Cerebellum Software.
Cerebellum eCom Integrator provides a productive, visual environment for integrating an e-commerce application with back-end data systems, and its features improve the long-term portability of the application to different data sources in the future.
Working in concert with the EBCs, Cerebellum brings real-time data integration to the application and gives users the ability to map the components to underlying data sources without the need to write code.
With the addition of Cerebellum, users of Enterprise Commerce's Business Site Creator will be able to map pre-built e-commerce components to back-end data sources without the need to write code.
I was attracted to Cerebellum Software because it is a first-mover within the burgeoning IDI market space.
SevenMountains Software, the leading provider of platform software to enterprise customers and application service providers (ASPs), today announced the formation of a partnership with Cerebellum Software, developer of the Cerebellum Internet Data Integration (IDI) solution for giving Web applications, portals and application servers real-time access to corporate data sources.
5 million in senior credit financing to, and arranged for a $300,000 equity investment for, Cerebellum Software, Inc.
As e-business is creating new revenue opportunities and fiercer competition, an advantage can be achieved through faster time to market and improved use of enterprise information," said Todd Olson, chief technology officer of Cerebellum Software.
BravePoint, a SilverStream Software reseller and trainer, will further enhance its solutions by leveraging the complementary technology of Cerebellum for SilverStream(R).
Cerebellum Software, a SilverStream SilverNET partner, has enhanced its product to work seamlessly with the SilverStream Application Server and allow developers to graphically integrate a wider variety of data sources into web applications without having to write any code.