cerebellar hemisphere

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either of two lateral lobes of the cerebellum

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Axial T1WI reveals few conglomerated hypointense lesions with peripheral hyperintense rim in left cerebellar hemisphere.
The cranial tomography showed calcifications in both cerebellar hemispheres, cerebral lobes, basal ganglia and posterior medulla oblongata (Figure)
The right vertebral angiography has shown the right PICA crossing midline and then capillary filling of both cerebellar hemispheres on capillary phase, which is called bihemispheric PICA.
MR (Figure 1) demonstrated a heterogeneously hyperintense lesion on DWI without restriction in the superior portion of the right cerebellar hemisphere measuring 4.
Negative indirect hemagglutination (IHA) test neurocysticercosis in a buddhist's cerebellar hemisphere.
Thus, the vestibulocerebellum involves interactions between the vestibular nuclei and the flocculonodular lobe, the spinocerebellum involves connections between the anterior and posterior parts of the vermis and the spinal cord and the cerebrocerebellum implies connections between the cerebellar hemispheres and the cerebral cortex.
Later histopathological examination of the cerebellar SOL showed caseating granuloma (white arrow) and multinucleated Langhans' type of giant cells suggestive of tuberculoma of the left cerebellar hemisphere.
The computed tomography (CT) scan has shown an area of hypodensity in the left middle cerebellar peduncle, also involving the left side of the pons and the deep white matter of the left cerebellar hemisphere (Figure 1).
Brain sections recommended to establish a diagnosis in most cases of dementia include medulla, pons, midbrain, cerebellar vermis, cerebellar hemisphere including the dentate, hippocampus and adjacent parahippocampal gyrus, basal ganglia (caudate, putamen, and globus pallidus), thalamus, middle frontal gyrus, inferior parietal lobule, occipital lobe, superior and middle temporal gyri, cingulate gyrus, spinal cord if available, and any detectable macroscopic lesions.
An MRI of the brain showed two focal lesions of the medulloblastoma in the right cerebellar hemisphere.
Considering 6[micro]m thickness of each sections and numbers of selected sections, we studied the left cerebellar hemisphere of E1 in the range of 1113[micro]m to 2421[micro]m from lateral extreme toward the vermis (with a length of 1308[micro]m).
The operative field is more extensive than that achieved with other approaches; it extends from the cerebellar hemisphere to the extradural ventral upper cervical spine, and it provides access to tissue outside the spinal canal, such as the ventral strap muscles.
The tumor had a soft consistency and appeared cystic in one of its extremes; it indented the inferior surface of the left cerebellar hemisphere and displaced the medulla toward the contralateral side.