cerebellar artery

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Incise the free edge of the tentorium in the rear part of trochlear nerve and suspend it to expose the superior cerebellar artery, trochlear nerve, anterosuperior cerebellar, the lower part of the pons.
The left vertebral angiography has shown left AICA hypoplasia and left posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA) aplasia.
Marien P Baillieux H, De Smet HJ, Engelborghs S, Wilssens I, Paquier P De Deyn PP Cognitive, linguistic and affective disturbance following a right superior cerebellar artery infarction: a case study.
In the posterior circulation, exposure of aneurysms arising from the basilar apex or the superior cerebellar artery is facilitated by using skull base approaches (38).
passes upwards close to the base of the skull and is crossed by the anterior inferior cerebellar artery
Usually, the etiology is arterial occlusion in cases of cerebellar infarctions associated with stroke in young people, and the studies report that it results from 40% dissection in the intracranial vertebral artery and primarily from the involvement of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA).
Unilateral vertebral artery occlusion is considered more forgiving as long as the contralateral, uninjured vertebral artery has adequate caliber and the embolization material can be deployed proximal to the posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA), preserving collateral supply on the side of injury.
of California, San Francisco) details the basic concepts and tenets of aneurysm microsurgery, various craniotomies and exposures for successful clipping, and microsurgical anatomy, dissection strategies, and clipping techniques for each of the seven most common aneurysm types: posterior and anterior communicating artery, middle cerebral artery, ophthalmic artery, basilar bifurcation, pericallosal artery, and posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysms.
It crosses the superior cerebellar artery close to the cerebral peduncles, passes the lateral edge of the clivus bone, and runs under the petroclinoidal ligament into the cavernous sinus between the double layer of dura and connective tissue at its lateral border, just below the oculomotor nerve and above the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal (5th cranial) nerve.
The superior cerebellar artery is the most common cause of compression.
Bifurcation of the basilar artery and its relationship with the superior cerebellar artery at the proximal portion of the anterior pontine segment.
Blood flow was diminished in the left vertebral and basilar arteries that supplied the posterior fossa, the superior cerebellar artery off the basilar artery, and the right posterior internal communicating artery off the right vertebral artery.
It is also possible for vertigo to develop as a result of interruption of the blood supply to the brainstem VNC or cerebellum, which arises mainly from the posteroinferior cerebellar artery, the anteroinferior cerebellar artery (VNC and cerebellum), and the superior cerebellar artery (cerebellum) (Baloh, 1996b).