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This market research report segments the breakfast cereals market on the basis of product type and region: On the basis of types, breakfast cereals can be segmented into ready-to-eat cereals and hot cereals.
What to do: For healthier breakfasts, stick with low-sugar cereals.
com)-- The Cereal Bowl[R] has launched a creative and interactive online tool where customers can choose their bowl from a variety of The Cereal Bowl's creations.
25 March 2010 - Jeff Harmening, President of General Mills' Big G cereal division, told investors yesterday that his company remains very optimistic about the continued growth opportunities for cereal.
said there had been some "positive progress" since it reported on the healthiness of breakfast cereals in 2006.
Langholm Capital is delighted to announce the sale of Dorset Cereals to Wellness Foods.
We also found that more than three quarters (76%) of cereals had high levels of sugar, a fifth had high levels of salt and 7% had high levels of saturated fat.
Dorset Cereals is a British family-owned company that makes a delectable line of whole grain- and dried fruit-laden cereals.
We've already written a lot about the virtues of cold breakfast cereals, but recent studies have come up with even more good reasons to chow down on those "grrrrrreat
The desire to achieve a state of serenity and balance in 2005 is closely tied to nutrition; the organic, holistic aspect of cereals goes hand-in-hand with that trend," said Victoria Amado, design and merchandising director of Gibson USA.
The Cereality Cereal Bar and Cafe at Arizona State University in Tempe does a brisk business, offering more than 30 different cereals served by pajama-clad "cerealogists.
A production scaled study has demonstrated that both the product properties and production output of breakfast cereals can be improved significantly when sugar is replaced either completely or partially by Palatinit's Isomalt.
Precisely when babies first eat cereals may affect their odds of subsequently developing diabetes.
The Home-Grown Cereals Authority levy rates payable by cereal and oilseed growers and cereal dealers and processors are to remain the same as last year.
With popular cereal makers such as Kellogg's and Post sweetening up their cereals with strawberries and other freeze-dried fruit, farmers in the state will increasingly rely on after-season fruit sales.