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Amer added that pizza doesn't exactly fall into the health food category, but when compared to most sugary cereals, it's a more balanced meal.
Developed nations already have breakfast cereals as part of their regular course of meals.
I will be using 12 kinds of cereals to represent 12 hours in the day.
They found that before cereal gets soggy, it briefly becomes tougher, or able to withstand more force.
Fauji Cereals Ltd dominated breakfast cereals with a retail value share of 71%.
More than 60 percent of Kellogg's cereals, for example, offer a good or excellent source of fiber.
Countless ready-to-eat cereals line grocery store aisles, and having a bowl can provide a healthy start to your day.
According to "Breakfast Cereals - US," an August 2013 report from global market research firm Mintel, cold cereal dollar sales fell 9 percent during the past five years.
Mixologists have come up with several RumChata shooter recipes that taste like popular kids' cereals.
The Study: Ninety-one campers were randomly assigned to be offered the choice of one of three high-sugar content cereals or one of three low-sugar content cereals.
which has been using in-store signs and social media in its campaign to promote the whole grain content of its cereals, has been stressing that it has reduced sugar in cereals advertised to children by an additional 8%, on average.
Researchers randomly assigned 91 children aged 5 to 12 to choose one of three low-sugar cereals (Cheerios, Corn Flakes, or Rice Krispies) or one of three high-sugar cereals (Cocoa Puffs, Froot Loops, or Frosted Flakes).
And cereals can promote heart health, help with weight management, and deliver required nutrients like calcium and vitamin D".
LITTLE effort appears to have been made to reduce sugar in children's cereals nearly three years after a damning report, a consumer watchdog said today.
Langholm Capital is delighted to announce the sale of Dorset Cereals to Wellness Foods.