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This is the stage of growth in which quality cereal grass products are harvested, Mr.
Thus, quality cereal grass is much more expensive and difficult to produce than quality alfalfa.
In simple terms, the young cereal grass is much more nutrient dense than the mature cereal plant with high levels of B vitamins, chlorophyll and antioxidants.
Lawrence KS-based cereal grass producer Pines International traces its company's roots back to some of the earliest animal and human experiments testing the beneficial effects of cereal grass consumption.
Seibold explained, "Doctors began experimenting with using the cereal grass supplements in their patients and they found the same results that farmers were finding with their animals.
Another cereal grass rising to prominence is Kamut grass.
LeBaron has watched his company's sales of Kamut and other cereal grass powders soar during the past few years.
Synergy Production Laboratories has launched a line of certified organic and Kosher cereal grass juice powders under the Synergized brand name.
The line includes QMI, a one-a-day dietary supplement; QMI Enhanced, which includes the Maxi-Sorb Delivery System; Beyond Food, which contains a supply of food concentrates, cereal grass juices, green foods and vegetable concentrates; Superior Multi, which includes vitamins minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts and green foods; Maxine For Women, which includes hormone balance support, energy support and stress and mood support; Max For Men, which includes prostate, heart, stress and energy support and Vegetarian Support, which includes various amino acids and nutrients.