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a bowl for holding breakfast cereal

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The YoCrunch Cereal Bowl line includes five SKUs across both core and Greek yogurt varieties in a 4.
Five lucky readers can win a Rachel's Organic goodie bag worth pounds 40 containing two Rachel's latte mugs, cereal bowls, two children's backpacks, a growth chart, calendar and a yoghurt diet book.
Kids ages two to five will enjoy following the baby through the pages as she empties her cereal bowl over her head, refuses to share her ball, draws on the walls and much more.
banner across a red, heart-shaped cereal bowl, it's a special offer for John Tesh's "Grand Passion for Healthy Living" CD, as part of the "For Heart's Sake '98" campaign run by Kellogg and the American Heart Association.
Elaine can't wear orange and Jerry has trouble getting used to a new milk level in his cereal bowl.
And with our penchant for viewing the world in isolated little disconnected fragments, it is apparently difficult for us all to see the connection between the knife that slices the banana in our cereal bowl and the chainsaw that slices tree trunks onto the rain forest floor.
Elsewhere, in a meld of the TV commercial and medieval religion, a suburban mom preparing the family meal lifts her blouse to squirt milk (or blood) into her son's cereal bowl.
Or spoon into a nonmetallic cereal bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and reheat in a microwave oven on full power, stirring once or twice, until steaming.
The award-winning firm serves international, national, regional and local clients including Kaplan Education, E&J Gallo Winery, Cartier Jewelry, The Cereal Bowl, Flagler Development, The Setai South Beach, Terremark Worldwide, The United Way of Miami-Dade and the YMCA of Greater Miami.
This new variety offers the goodness of whole grain in every serving with crunchy granola clusters for a delicious and heart healthy satisfaction in your cereal bowl.
Dean oak table, PS799; red dining chair, PS440/ pair; oak dining chair, PS300/pair; Scandi felt runner, PS22; storage tin, PS34 for three; cake tin, PS24; hi–ball, PS35 for four; tea set, PS25; Scandi oak tray trio, PS45; cereal bowl, PS30 for four; mug, PS16 for two; felt place mats, PS16 for four; felt coasters, PS6 for four; Scandi side plates, PS30 for four; large heart dishes, PS12; small heart dish, PS8; Ombre baubles, PS10 for four.
For a chirpy cereal bowl to set you heart racing before you go to work, have a look at the lovely 'Da Terra' from Unique and Unity (www.
COUNCIL bosses have owned up to sacking half a street cleaning team - after picking their names out of a cereal bowl.
The selector encourages visitors to print their results where they will receive a coupon to use at any Cereal Bowl location.
The depth and shape of a cereal bowl can tip consumers toward one dinnerware pattern or another.