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Conversely, Americans shouldn't give up on the traditional bowl of cereal and milk combination in the morning.
Major companies operating in the market are Kellogg's, Cereal Partners Worldwide and PepsiCo.
Wheat says he is tracing the designs of cereal boxes and making quirky edits to them.
Let's take a comprehensive look at RTEC today: what, when and how the cereal consumer eats, a walk along the path to purchase, plus plenty of opportunities for retailers to boost sales and store traffic while exciting and delighting cereal fans.
Combe advises choosing a cereal that's rich in whole grains and provides at least 3 grams of fiber per serving.
Hot cereal fared better, with the IRI data showing positive dollar and unit sales growth during the timeframe.
RumChata has embraced its cereal taste and in October introduced a line of cereal-bowl shot glasses.
There are a number of reasons why cereal has been a part of consumers' breakfasts for more than a century," says Christine Lowry, vice president of global nutrition marketing at Kellogg.
Those given the low-sugar cereal ate, on average, 35 grams (slightly more than a "serving" as defined on the cereal box) while those given the high-sugar cereal ate an average of 61 grams and consumed nearly twice as much sugar.
launched Kashi Berry Blossoms cereal, a berry-kissed whole grain cereal, and Kashi TLC Cherry Vanilla Cereal Bars, the latest addition to the TLC family of wholesome snacks.
Children who ate a high-sugar cereal also ended up eating more cereal (about two servings, vs.
25 March 2010 - Jeff Harmening, President of General Mills' Big G cereal division, told investors yesterday that his company remains very optimistic about the continued growth opportunities for cereal.
The brand has grown strongly in the muesli category which has provided a platform to create new products to extend into other cereal categories: porridge (Fruity Porridge and Perfectly Porridge), flakes (Naturally Light Flakes) and cereal bars (Chunky Slices).
I'll spare you the details, just swap the word SANDWICH for CEREAL or NAPTIME for SHIRT and you get the picture.