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tadpole-shaped parasitic larva of a trematode worm

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Schistosoma mansoni blockage of cercarial skin penetration by chemical agents: I.
Global warming and temperature-mediated increases in cercarial emergence in trematode parasites.
Cercarial dermatitis outbreak at a state park - Delaware, 1991.
Cercarial dermatitis (swamp itch) is a common result of human encounters with H.
14) adult worm reach the skin, stringing out of where adult worm skin ulcer literally breaks through Cutaneous Identification Papules, nodules schistosomiasis of viable eggs Cercarial Microscopy of dermatitis terminal urine (swimmer's itch) in S.
A total of 5,158 snails were examined, of which 967 produced cercariae, resulting in an overall cercarial infection rate throughout the season of 18.
Furthermore, the cercarial infection rate (Fasciola cercaria) from the intermediate snail host (Lymnea rubiginosa) increased to 30% in November and reached the highest peak of 33% at the beginning of December, in the end of the rainy season (Srikitjakarn, 1989).
baccatum to the cercarial stage are whelks, especially the common or waved whelk (Buccinum undatum), which is widely distributed and commercially exploited in eastern Canadian waters.
Maturation cycle was followed by studying the monthly distribution of the flukes and the occurrence of cercarial infections in the snails.
Verbrugge examined the incidence and risk factors of swimmer's itch, the lay term for cercarial dermatitis, caused by parasites in the water.
Also known as cercarial dermatitis, swimmer's itch is a skin rash caused by an allergic reaction to parasites of birds and animals that are released from infected snails and swim in fresh and saltwater ponds, oceans or lakes, the U.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice:Mechanical intervention on the beaches of lake annecy in the fight against cercarial dermatitis - campaign 2014.
Schistosomiasis in Malaysia, with special reference to Schistosoma spindale, the causative agent of cercarial dermatitis.
Effects of atrazine on cercarial longevity, activity, and infectivity.
The initial 'classic' pathology in the course of schistosomal infection, cercarial dermatitis, is frequently missed as it will be mostly experienced during travel, with transient lesions caused by the infecting cercariae on penetration of the skin.