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tadpole-shaped parasitic larva of a trematode worm

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Pattern of emergence and the effects of temperature and light on the emergence and survival of heterophyid cercaria (Centrocestus formosanus and Haplorchis pumilio).
Denton, 1941 chloropus Duct heterolecithoides Brachylecithum Cyanocitta Liver Bile Valid americanum Denton, cristata Duct 1945 Cercaria brachystyla Helisoma Digestive Valid Byrd & Reiber, trivolvis Gland 1940 C brevicauda Byrd H.
1) One very small xiphidio cercaria, which came out in small numbers, did not dehydrate well and was unsuitable for processing in electron microscopy.
philippinarum, the gonad was completely occupied by sporocysts and cercaria of Cercaria tapidis instead of eggs (Lee et al.
The marine dermatitis-producing cercaria of Austrobilharzia variglandis in California (Trematoda: Schistosomatidae).
The prevalence of cercaria from Stagnicola emarginata (Lymnaeidae) over 50 years in Northern Michigan.
Swimmer's itch is a papulovesicular dermatitis acquired worldwide from the cercaria of Microbilharzia variglandis and other avian schistosomes.
The first phase is host penetration by cercaria dermatitis.
When the slime balls are secreted onto the snails' feet, so are the cercaria.
subtenuis (Linton, 1907) Hanson, 1950], and description of Cercaria adranocerca n.
Certain clams were included as "parasitized," because they appeared to spawn abnormally because of a serious cercaria infection of a digenetic trematode.