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a small cycad of the genus Ceratozamia having a short scaly woody trunk and fernlike foliage and woody cones

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Pollen and tapetum development in Ceratozamia mexicana (Cycadaceae): sporal origin of the exinic sporopollenin in Cycads.
The concept of pachychalaza for gymnosperm seeds was also used by Sanches-Tinoco and Engleman (2004) in their description of the seed coat of Ceratozamia mexicana.
Seed coat anatomy of Ceratozamia mexicana (Cycadales).
Extant genera with cones are Bowenia, Ceratozamia, Chigua, Cycas, Dioon,
Lepidozamia (Worsdell, 1901), and in seedlings of Ceratozamia (Dorety,
If we plot the geographical distribution of Ceratozamia in
this point that the distribution of Ceratozamia starts its migration
mucilage in Ceratozamia seeds could be protective against
from excised, young leaflets of mature-phase Ceratozamia species,
on growth and development of Ceratozamia hildae somatic embryos.
Ceratozamia mexicana is considered to be a species in danger of
The provisional classification presented is based on a cladistic analysis; and the present authors think that, although certain aspects could be modified by the addition of new information, others - such as the recognition of Cycadaceae with Cycas, Stangeriaceae with Stangeria and Bowenia, and the Zamiaceae with two major clades (the Encephalartoideae, containing Dioon, Encephalartos, Lepidozamia, and Macrozamia; and the Zamiodeae, containing Ceratozamia, Chigua, Microcycas, and Zamia) - would remain unchanged.
Reviewing the chromosome data for Zamia, Moretti (1990a) points out that the karyotype diversity found in some species parallels the wide variability in phenotypic characters in the genus compared with the low phenotypic variability in the stable karyotypes of Ceratozamia 2n = 16 (12 M + 2 sm + 2 T) and Dioon 2n = 18 (8 M + 8 sm + 2 T).