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a fibrous scleroprotein that occurs in the outer layer of the skin and in horny tissues such as hair, feathers, nails, and hooves

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Rowett took Robert Tesche off at half time and introduced the extra dynamism of David Davis "Robert looked very tired, I thought he looked tired in the last couple of games in ceratin spells.
It was through these subjects that I came to ceratin contentious issues such as if there is a God, whether God is relevant and what is suffering.
These included demolition of walls raised at plot number 31,N-P8, Napier Quarters, Saddar Town; unauthorised shops built on the ground floor of a residential building in Clifton block four; structure violating SBCA requirement of ceratin open space on number plot number 343 in Liaqutabad Town.
Depuis un ceratin temps, le poisson monte d'un cran.
He said the detainees were subsequently shot dead, believing the commander might have been killed by Taliban at the behest of ceratin groups which implemented their plans throught the guerrilla movement.
These services are guaranteed to a postal operator by the state as an exclusive right within the scope of a ceratin limit regarding weight and price (Directive 97/67/EC).
Mae haenen allanol y croen yn llawn ceratin, ac mae'r ceratin yma yn brodin sy'n gostwng faint o ddwer sy'n cael ei golli drwy'r croen.
But, even if there is an initial political reason for the language dominance, it oftenloses it, with time and starts functioning as the symbol of the sociocultural integrity of a ceratin society.
He tells me that the star who was informed on January 2, 1943 that his home had been burnt to the ground but his family was safe and who then enquired if fire services had been able to save his good tuxedo was a ceratin Bing Crosby.
Penrith look ceratin to finish Second Division champions despite their second league defeat of the season, 1-0 at Thornaby.
All I can say for ceratin is that since the day I arrived at Ibrox I have tried to do my best for the benefit of this club.