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a hard medicated paste made of lard or oil mixed with wax or resin

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He also advised that even incurable lesions could find long-lasting benefit from soothing applications such as fig plasters or rose cerate mixed with powder from a blacksmith's crusted earthenware pot.
Chairman of the board suggested inviting nine sports unions to participate, which were: Yemen's Football Association and unions of Chess, Tennis, Cerate, Gymnastics, Judo, Kung fu and Wrestling.
CM Balochistan Nawab Akbar Raisani while talking to media men condemned terrorism in all its manifestations and urged to cerate awareness among people in this regard.
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) of both the cerate (36) and the chromate coatings (13,51) indicates that the surface area of the coatings may be quite high due to topography, suggesting that mechanical keying to the paint coating might promote better paint adhesion.
We want to cerate awareness campaign about turning off the lights for one hour, as saving power is very necessary for the cause of climate change," said Sudarshan Pattnaik.
Indeed the main objectives of this week are not only to showcase the country's diverse repertoire of creative talent but to cerate meaningful business relationships, and to facilitate interaction between the designers, the buyers and the media," the Daily Times quoted PFDC Chairperson Sehyr Saigol, as saying.
So it was all balanced with the help of belts, there was a colour palette which was not extremely strong, but yes, the essence of the collection was to cerate a sort of haunted, romantic look," said Shinde.
You can't have that much possession and not cerate a lot of chances.