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one of the often brightly colored and branching hornlike structures on the back of the nudibranch (and other related mollusks) that serve as gills

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Foi possivel visualizar as rachaduras na cultivar Gala apenas quando foram retiradas partes das ceras cuticulares que recobriam os frutos com uso de cloroformio (dados nao-apresentados), o que demonstra que as ceras cuticulares da cv.
A cuticula e as ceras epicuticulares sao uma barreira entre organismos vivos como os vegetais e o meio ambiente.
Corporate culture is one of the primary elements in implementing a sound ERM program," said Frank Sabatini, FSA, MAAA, CERA and president of Sabatini Advisory Services LLC.
Systemic risk, which represents the collapse of the entire interconnected financial system, is one of the preeminent risks of the post-recession era, as evidenced by the system-wide failures that have occurred over the last few years," said Bob Wolf, FCAS, CERA, MAAA.
Silvio de' Piccolomini, 1912, 123: "in omni turpiloquio est imitandus Ulixes, qui ceras aftixit auribus, ne Sirenarum cantus exaudiret.
Conti is followed by Bacon, 126: "Ulysses sociis omnino aures cera obturari iussit.
The CERA is the culmination of an idea that current SOA President Mike McLaughlin brought to then-chief Harry Panjer several years ago.
Instead, CERAs are trained to model future events by converting data into information that leads to strategic decisions.
Before joining Panamco, Sacchi worked as director of finance at Rio de Janeiro Refrescos, as controller at Coca-Cola Industrias and as director of finance at Ceras Johnson, all in Brazil.
Tenders are invited for iarnrEd eireann is a subsidiary company of cEras iompair eireann which is the publicly owned transport company of ireland.
Tenders are invited for cEras iompair eireann ("cie") is the statutory authority charged with the provision of road and rail public transport in ireland and has responsibility for the three major operating companies in ireland iarnrEd eireann-irish rail, bus Eitha cliath-dublin bus and bus eireann-irish bus and also for cie tours and rosslare europort.
CERAs are qualified for risk-manager leadership positions in all types of organizations, including insurance, benefits, financial services and the energy, manufacturing, transportation and health-care industries.
CEras Iompair Eeireann operates public transport bus and rail services from various locations nationwide.
CEras Iompair Eeireann (CIEe) is Ireland~s national public transport provider.
Qualifications: To earn the new international credential, CERA candidates are required to successfully complete five examinations, as well as an educational module and professionalism course, to help prepare for leadership in the identification, measurement and management of risk within complex, risk-bearing enterprises.