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a craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes them it a kiln

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The exhibition presents the life and work of Charalambous, one of the most distinguished Cypriot ceramists.
Weaving the Sea" intends to define Mediterranean design in all its traditions and know-how, introducing high-flying fashion designers, ceramists, jewelers, metalworkers, artists, furniture designers and others.
By reframing medium-specificity in an entirely different light, Clare Twomey becomes one of those ceramists who work towards a seismic shift in our understanding of what clay can do, maybe even what clay should do.
Membership is open to anyone with an interest in ceramics, whether they are a professional ceramist or enthusiastic amateur.
Worldwide famous Turkish painter and ceramist Umran Baradan died of gastric cancer at the age of 66.
At the recent Chawkandi Art exhibition in Karachi contemporary ceramist Salman Ikram spoke at length about his show, 'Crystalline works' and the sporadic existence of studio ceramics.
Curated by Swiss ceramist and teacher Claude Presset, the exhibition showcases works of about a hundred ceramic artists from India as well as countries such as France, Italy, Japan and Switzerland.
The students were selected through an application process to create the mural in October under the direction of Mexican artist, architect, painter, sculptor and ceramist Javier de Jess Herd[sz]ndez, better known as Capelo.
Art Talk: Conversations with Working Artists is a DVD of professional musings while in the process of creating art, as given by sculptors, painters, glass artists, and even a totem carver and a ceramist.
Although Nylund studied to be an architect, he credits his parents -his mother a Danish ceramist and his father a Finnish painter and sculptor -as his greatest influences.
But it is treated as contemporary, fine art and it seems it draws more attention overseas,'' said Kimiyo Mishima, a ceramist whose work is on display in the exhibition.
The store's also a great bet for summery wedding gifts--try a wavy-rimmed serving platter from California ceramist Alex Marshall or a white cylinder vase filled with ruffled sweet peas.
has added fashion accessories to its growing line of products for the artist, ceramist, and hobbyist.
Ceramist Kristen Morgin has created an amazing work using unfired clay, wood, wire, cement and glue.
CERAMIST JILL ROSENWALD has joined with Certified International Corp.