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an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures

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In historical artifacts and contemporary objects alike, we experience a living tradition of simplicity and "whiteness" that has challenged generations of Korean ceramicists to move in new directions and explore uncharted artistic territories.
At Warwickspace in Coten End, Warwick, there are a number of artists, including furniture maker Armando Magnino, who will be showing his skills at crafting wood into beautiful one-off pieces, and ceramicist Miranda Miller with her tiny town of buildings.
A NORTH East gallery has announced a new PS5,000 bursary for a UK ceramicist - the latest gift from a man who loved the art form and trusted the region to champion it.
It had been reassessed in France by the artist Jules Ziegler (1804-56) as early as the 1840s, but it was mainly during the Paris Worlds Fair of 1878 that the craze for 3apanese stoneware began to have a real influence on French ceramicists.
The exhibition includes painters, sculptors and ceramicists from across Europe, and is noted as a platform for emerging talent.
All work is for sale as well as an unusual selection of ceramics from some of the the UKs best known ceramicists.
This will be of interest to archeologists and ceramicists.
Ceramic design course; principles, practice, and techniques; a complete guide for ceramicists.
Artist Alex Corina, the man behind the proposal, wants to bring creative businesses including jewellers, ceramicists and designers to the centre.
The art gallery Sankaranka, which occupies 2,744 s/f at 111 Front Street, focuses on ceramicists, painters and sculptors of Africa.
Four chapters divide the century chronologically into twenty to forty year groupings where the important art movements and the more significant ceramicists are reviewed in considerable depth.
Winter Fantasy is held on the same grounds as the 37-year-old summer Sawdust Art Festival and provides a sleighful of ideas for holiday shoppers with 35 painters, 27 jewelers, 22 glass artists, 20 mixed-media artists, 14 ceramicists, 12 clothing/textile artists, nine sculptors, nine photographers, three wood workers, two metal artists, one musical instrument maker and one flint knapper offering their wares in an outdoor setting that features waterfalls, gardens and a life-size gingerbread house for children to play in.
Leading glass-makers, ceramicists, textile designers, metal workers and jewellers will be among the 228 exhibitors presenting their work this year at the Chelsea Crafts Fair 2002, presented by the Crafts Council.
It was in her late teens that FLORENCE LISTER decided that archaeology was to be her career and in so doing joined a select group of female ceramicists, including Anna Shepherd and Florence Hawley Senter, that have made significant contributions to the archaeology of the American Southwest and indeed elsewhere.
Chinese ceramicists, famous through the ages for their magnificent creations, address the problems of the "perfect" bowl by applying a scratch at the end of the process, an imperfection, putting any issues of perfection aside.