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The production of Sea Ceptor will be a huge boost to the UK s world-leading missile industry, providing hundreds of jobs, and once again proves our commitment to providing battle-winning technology to our Armed Forces.
The CSP is upgrading the 'Duke' class with a number of new combat systems including the Sea Ceptor SAM and Type-997/ ARTISAN radar (see above).
The production of Sea Ceptor, which will be fitted to the Royal Navy's Type 23 frigates to intercept and destroy enemy missiles, will sustain 500 jobs in the UK.
Investment in advanced defence technology, such as Sea Ceptor, is vital to ensure the Royal Navy's continued ability to defend the UK's interests wherever necessary.
Sea Ceptor is quickly setting up a significant user community.
Billed as is the first serious development of the Inter ceptor for more than30 years, it is powered by a 6.
Contract Awarded for Integrate its Sea Ceptor air-defence missile system in the local area air-defence (LD) system of its ANZAC-class frigates
New Zealand became the first overseas customer for Sea Ceptor with an order that will see the missile installed as part of a frigate upgrade program.
The vessel electronic suite is mainly based on new and upgrade programmes, including new Type 997 Artisan E/F band 3-D medium range radar, existing ASW suites including Sonar 2050 hull-mounted and variable depth Sonar 2087, an advanced EW suite including RESM, CESM and decoys, the new M BDA Sea Ceptor area air defence system, which is first due to be installed on Type 23s.
The cutting-edge pounds 485million Sea Ceptor will be fitted to a new fleet of warships.
com/reports/c75128) has announced the addition of CepTor Corp - Product Pipeline Report to their offering.
Sea Ceptor will provide frigates HMNZ Te Kaha and Te Mana with the latest generation naval air defence system that is able to protect not only the host ship but also combined joint allied forces in the vicinity.
Contract Awarded for Manufacture Sea Ceptor Missiles in the UK & which would help sustain 500 jobs.
When the Xmark Opportunity Funds invested in CepTor in January 2005, they acquired unregistered securities that could not be sold in the market until the Company had the Securities and Exchange Commission declare effective a "resale" registration statement covering those securities.
Whether or not this disclosure was true or just a further manipulative ploy by the Company to keep Xmark out of the market, Xmark steadfastly complies with its securities law obligations and refrained from any trading in CepTor common stock.