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a broad spectrum semisynthetic antibiotic produced by modifying cephalosporin

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perfringens isolates were highly sensitive to Penicillin G (90%), Clindamycin (90%), Lincomycin (80%), Tylosin (75%) but the same strains were resistant to Cephaloridine (40%), Ampicillin (35%), Chloramphenicol (30%), Gentamicin (30%), followed by Doxyclline HCl (25%), Erythromycin (25%), Streptomycin (25%), Nalidexic acid (25%) and finally Oxytetracycline (10%).
The strain DM15 showed sensitivity towards erythromycin, bacitracin, penicillin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, carbenicillin, cephaloridine and novobiocin.
However, at the time of these early studies, formulations of cephalothin and cephaloridine contained trace amounts of penicillin (4).
According to the manufacturer's instructions, the colonies were spread on two indicator disks, containing benzylpenicillin and cephaloridine with clavulanic acid, respectively.
max]) for drugs administered by the intramuscular route is comparable for infants, children, and adults for aminoglycosides, ampicillin, and carbenicillin [11-14], whereas preterm infants exhibit delayed absorption of chloramphenicol, rifampicin, cephalexin, cephaloridine, and benzylpenicillin [10,11,15,16].