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Synonyms for cephalopod

marine mollusk characterized by well-developed head and eyes and sucker-bearing tentacles

relating or belonging to the class Cephalopoda


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Consistent to our findings, heterozygote deficiency relative to Hardy-Weinberg expectations was previously reported in cephalopod population (Perez-Losada et al.
basal cephalopod clade) longitudinal colour bands are very rare and are developed only in conchs resembling orthocerids/pseudorthocerids.
Out of the stomachs examined, nine contained a cephalopod, making it the most frequently occurring identifiable prey.
Figure 8 shows that mean intake of cadmium for the Vietnamese population due to shellfish consumption estimated in our study is lower than the one for the population due to crab consumption in the United Kingdom (Food Standards Agency, 2006), due to mollusk, crustacean, and cephalopod consumption in Greece and due to bivalve, crustacean, and cephalopod consumption in Portugal (European Commission, 2004).
The Sowerby's beaked whales that we examined had been feeding primarily on large numbers of relatively small meso- and benthopelagic fishes before their death; cephalopod prey constituted a very minor part of the diet of these animals.
Every cephalopod born is born all alone, and must discover the world on his own having learned nothing from those that came before him.
The Cephalopod class, including squid, octopus and cuttlefish, a) is neurologically advanced, b) the same organ serves multiple functions, c) some mollusks contain pearls, purple dye and shells that humans value; and d) the Cephalopod class dates back to the Cambrian period 541 to 485 years ago.
The video was shot last July near the Ogasawara islands, and it shows a three-metre-long cephalopod.
The invertebrate cephalopod mollusks are significant ocean dwellers, having chambered shells, external in Nautilus and internal in Sepia-like animals.
The perceptive cephalopod mollusk correctly chose the winner in 80 per cent of Germany's Euro 2008 campaign and in each of Germany's five 2010 World Cup matches.
Thus, we assume that not all the cephalopod material collected by Burnup was sent to Smith and only those shells labelled as "co-types" belong to the type series.
Two fish-market owners threw an octopus onto the rink, figuring that, with its eight tentacles, this cephalopod (a marine animal related to squid and cuttlefish) made the perfect good-luck charm.
Housed at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre in Germany the cephalopod savant shot to fame during the 2010 World Cup when he correctly predicted the outcome of various matches, defeating various pretenders to his crown such as parrots and shrimps as they tried to hang on to his pace-setting tentacles.
Paul the prophetic cephalopod was the unlikely star of the 2010 World Cup after correctly predicting the outcome of eight matches.