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Let its writers make time to write English more as a learned language; and completing that correction of style which had only gone a certain way in the last century, raise the general level of language towards their own.
Saintsbury's book--a writer who has dealt with all the perturbing influences of our century in a manner as classical, as idiomatic, as easy and elegant, as Steele's:
Their letters and disputations on this subject, enlivened on both sides with much wit and learning, will ever bear a conspicuous place in the literary history of the seventeenth century.
It is possible to read the story of our century as a great battle between different conceptions of history.
American Century spent $1 million notifying the 2 million Twentieth Century and Benham account holders of the change, said Chris Doyle, another spokesman.
Century representatives visit buildings where contractors have worked to speak to the superintendents and property managers.
Provides country level aggregated data on the exploration and production operations of Century Energy Ltd.
There is nothing at all on masturbation as a physical activity, or even a definition, (1) let alone any discussion of whether incidence or technique differs according to social and physical variables, such as education level, religion, age of puberty or whether circumcised--the last a prominent topic in nineteenth and twentieth century debate.
In sum, this book offers much valuable information about late medieval Italian Latin education (1200-1400) while leaving the received picture of Renaissance Latin education, especially in the second half of the fifteenth century, changed only in that some medieval texts had a longer afterlife than previously noticed.
During the nineteenth century, when mainstream American thought revolved around the Bible and the glory of ancient Greece and Rome, black thinkers sought to redeem their race through interpretations of the Bible and appeals to the grandeur of ancient Egypt.
In the twentieth century, differences in interpreting millennial views have been significant enough to generate conflict.
Wanting to project a global image in the next century, companies - including Nortel, the Canadian telecommunications company, and Lucasfilm Ltd.
The icon serves as a reminder to investors that American Century is there to help them establish a plan to achieve it.
The crop had been cultivated since the fifth century in Mesoamerica, and the Aztec Empire maintained large-scale production of cacao in several areas, the most important being along the Pacific coast in Soconusco in modern Mexico and Izalcos in modern El Salvador (Figure 2).
In Russia, Denmark, and France, where ballet was well established and publicly subsidized before the 20th century, men continued to dominate artistically and organizationally.