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the main body of a vertebra

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Centrum([R]) Ultra is a line of daily adult multivitamins from the maker of Centrum, the number one selling brand of multivitamins.
Nord Anglia is now in the final stages of completing its move to Centrum Point.
The older girls regularly attend ice discos at Centrum so the arrival of the gliders is an added bonus for them.
The proposals also include extensive improvements to the local highways infrastructure to ensure that A38 traffic has easier access to Centrum Parkway, now one of the main arterial connections to the town centre.
Because the project would be about four miles beyond the city's most outlying housing tract, planners told Centrum Investment it must install three miles of sewer and water mains, rebuild part of potholed Avenue I and equip the homes with fire sprinkler systems.
The sportscotland spokesman said: "The Centrum Ice Rink received a sportscotland lottery fund award of pounds 500,000 in 1996 towards construction of the facility.
1 Only Centrum Specialist[TM] Vision and Centrum Specialist[TM] Prenatal are new offerings.
Centrum MultiGummies is the latest addition to Centrum's multivitamin product line, which includes tablet, chewable and liquid forms.
For further information, contact Congress Centrum Stadtpark, Theodor-Heuss-Platz 1-3, 30175 Hannover.
Another fall market arrival from Centrum is a series of antique barnyard prints, an extension of the firm's lacquerware collection.
I recommend that people 60 years of age and older take a basic multivitamin-and-mineral like Centrum Silver every day.
We remain determined to see the sport back in Ayr and in Centrum and are happy to discuss the situation with anyone who might be interested in helping.
At Centrum, Cushing helped establish several new factories, including a marble factory, toleware factory and aluminum casting factory.
In July, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Morristown, NJ, said it would remove claims related to breast and colon health on advertising and labeling for certain Centrum brand multivitamin supplements, as part of an agreement negotiated with the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), Washington, D.
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