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small region of cytoplasm adjacent to the nucleus


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While AAK was evident at a centrosome that entered the TIRF field during anaphase, it neither tip-tracked nor became enriched on midzone or astral MTs in the cortical region.
A role for a novel centrosome cycle in asymmetric cell division.
2005) Nucleokinesis in tangentially migrating neurons comprises two alternating phases: Forward migration of the Golgi/centrosome associated with centrosome splitting and myosin contraction at the rear.
Interaction of hepatitis B viral oncoprotein with cellular target HBXIP dysregulates centrosome dynamics and mitotic spindle formation.
2007) reported that the mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK)/MAPK pathway regulates microtubule and centrosome assembly.
organelles, mitochondria, and chromosomes are dictated by the centrosome.
bolic treated process 54192 Chaperone 467 1 1% [up arrow] - 54480 cell cycle; cell 44 0% [up arrow] [up arrow] projection organization and centrosome organization 54348 Oxidoreductase 89 2% [up arrow] [up arrow] 54447 The main protein 476 13% Disappeared in of plasma treated 54401 type II - [up arrow] transforming growth factor beta receptor binding Spot Difference ID between treated/DN 54751 [up arrow] 54317 [down arrow] 54578 [down arrow] 54485 [down arrow] 54397 54192 [up arrow] 54480 - 54348 - 54447 54401 [down arrow] [down arrow]: down-regualated, [up arrow]:up-regulated
Taxane based chemotherapy, for example, pacilitaxel, is a common therapy for cancer as by increasing microtubules and it blocks the organization of the centrosome and kinetochore thereby inhibiting mitosis [99].
Therefore, its inactivation results in uncontrolled duplication of centrosome and instability of the whole genome (Grisendi et al.
Bacterium blocks centrosome formation to kill males in Nasonia vitripennis.
This is not an issue in animal evolution; centriolar centrosome based spindles are present uniformly throughout the animal kingdom, except in rare cases (usually in egg development) where spindles may form in the absence of centrosomes.
7 It also induces alteration of the mitotic spindles,7 centrosome organisation, and protein denaturation which results in the formation of multinucleated non-clonogenic cells.
RHAMM contains a centrosome targeting carboxy-terminal basic leucine zipper and, like Xklp2, interacts with the dynein motor complex (14).
Centrosome abnormalities in giant cell tumour of bone: possible association with chromosomal instability.