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the center of mass of an object of uniform density

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To indicate the number of repetitions of centroid computations, we will use a subscript with the LA method, e.
In the following diagram, assume the shaded region is an enumeration area with a total demand of 4,000 "units" and a geographic centroid indicated by the circular marker.
These scores are then interpreted with the group centroid to determine their contributions to the discriminant function.
The centroid need to place in a cunning way because of different location causes different result and the better choice is to place them as possible far away from each other.
From a numerical perspective, Table 3 shows that the centroid values of the classes, for example Class 3B, achieved by the diagonal metric are also smaller in terms of [EC.
where C is centroid, P is a data point and o is dot product.
We mapped the boundaries of each breeding territory and measured the distance from the centroid of each territory to the centroid of nearby territories.
As the system continues to add documents to each subject heading, categorization systems recalculate the centroid location.
Bronze sponsors include MMP, Amiqus, Weightmans, Stevens & Bolton LLP, Radiant Worlds, Centroid Motion Capture, Creative England, Grads In Games, Perforce, Timali, Sheridans, Simplygon, SpaceApe, GameBench.
The LEDs have a low thermal resistance of 9 K/W (max), a centroid wavelength of 850nm and a typical optical power that reaches 1.
Calculate the distance (Euclidian distance method) between the centroid and the pixel which is not clustered.
It's believed Meriden had originally been declared the centre of England using a gravitational, or centroid, system, which also took into account the country's islands.
In years past, assemblers needed a centroid file (also known as a pick-and-place file) containing all of that information.
The centroid (mm) represents the drainage point at which 50% of the mass of tracer has occurred and 50% has still to arrive: