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Synonyms for centrist

a person who takes a position in the political center

supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative

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Forty-three members of the House of People's Representatives (HPR) affiliated to different parliamentary groups had announced on Thursday the establishment of a new centrist and progressive parliamentary front.
In the United States as well, the centrists are under siege.
Amid revived concern in Brussels and among investors that Italy could forsake its recent reforms, centrist politicians were in talks with him encouraging him to stand as a candidate.
In order to win some of those moderate Likud voters, Yacimovich called for centrist parties to link up with the Labor party to create an alternative coalition.
That's one of those things, you know, the centrists, you want to be a centrist, and you want to blame both sides, and it's one of those almost hilarious things because you see it again and again, the pundits who say, 'Here's what President Obama should do, he should reach out across the divide and propose some short-term stimulus but long-term spending cuts to balance the budget, and you say, 'He's actually proposed that'", Krugman said.
Sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein, the originator of the modern world-system theory, published volume four of his opus, which examines the development of centrist liberalism during the 19th century and its inevitable imbalances.
Centrist Rhetoric: The Production of Political Transcendence in the Clinton Presidency.
2) Rothbard described what he called right-wing opportunist, left sectarian, and centrist or movement-building approaches to libertarian social change.
Suleiman delivered a centrist speech when he took an oath and so his tenure was viewed as being centrist, he pointed out.
Summary: Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni's centrist Kadima party led exit polls after Tuesday's parliamentary election by only a two-seat margin over right-winger Benjamin Netanyahu's
What's notable about the competing packages is not how different they are, but how similar -- and how centrist.
17) suggests that Catholic voters, no less than others, chose a centrist candidate's moderate, pragmatic positions and rejected extreme stands on the war, immigration, Social Security, tax breaks, death penalty, family planning and lobbying reform.
Since entering Congress in 1981, Hoyer has forged an identity as a centrist, particularly on foreign-policy issues, that has helped make him the leadership's unofficial liaison to the Blue Dog Democrats--a group of the caucus's more conservative members--but has at times created tension with the more liberal Pelosi.
At press time, Lopez was at the top of the polls; in second place was Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, of Fox's own right-wing PAN; and in a distant third was centrist Roberto Madrazo of the PRI.