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Synonyms for centrist

a person who takes a position in the political center

supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative

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Supporters of a centrist alliance with Monti say they could capture 15 to 25 percent of the vote.
France's Gaullist right wing has experienced a clear split: in the ranks of the Union for Popular Movement (UMP), which was established during the era of President Jacques Chirac in a bid to unify various trends in the right, namely centrists and others.
In order to win some of those moderate Likud voters, Yacimovich called for centrist parties to link up with the Labor party to create an alternative coalition.
The smaller centrist parties have been unwilling to accept joining a coalition led by the scandal-plagued Berlusconi, who has been Italy's dominant political figure for the past two decades.
If you're a centrist in America today, there's no group or organization adequately representing your views and values.
Antonio de Velasco's Centrist Rhetoric is an important recent addition to the literature that seeks to examine these issues, offering a specific focus on how Bill Clinton reacted to this political environment and attempted, depending on one's perspective, to either transform it or take advantage of it.
Finally, the centrist approach to libertarian academic change is to stay committed to principle and try to advance those ideas in academia.
In Jumblat's case, the Druze leader realized that Berri did not exactly turn centrist, and so Jumblat was slowly returning to the Syrian fold.
The president impressed upon us the need to pass comprehensive healthcare reform and do it soon," Representative Joseph Crowley, the New York Democrat who leads the centrist coalition, said after the meeting, adding, "I think when all is said and done, we will have the votes.
Netanyahu still has over a month to form a government and has made clear that, while he can do so with right-wing parties, he would prefer a broader administration with the centrists.
What's notable about the competing packages is not how different they are, but how similar -- and how centrist.
17) suggests that Catholic voters, no less than others, chose a centrist candidate's moderate, pragmatic positions and rejected extreme stands on the war, immigration, Social Security, tax breaks, death penalty, family planning and lobbying reform.
Since entering Congress in 1981, Hoyer has forged an identity as a centrist, particularly on foreign-policy issues, that has helped make him the leadership's unofficial liaison to the Blue Dog Democrats--a group of the caucus's more conservative members--but has at times created tension with the more liberal Pelosi.
At press time, Lopez was at the top of the polls; in second place was Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, of Fox's own right-wing PAN; and in a distant third was centrist Roberto Madrazo of the PRI.