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a political philosophy of avoiding the extremes of left and right by taking a moderate position or course of action

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The specific implementation of the principle of network centrism in structural-parametric elements of the organization of power systems provides the fulfillment of certain conditions.
His Majesty also reviewed with President Kadyrov issues of concern to the Islamic world, pointing to the initiatives launched by the Kingdom, including the Amman Message which clarifies the true values of Islam and calls for tolerance, centrism and moderation.
The concept originally arise from the concept of adolescents' ethnocentrism where youth centrism may be defined in four dimensions: 1.
Shaikh Mohammed also stressed the role played by Al Azhar Al Sharif in spreading the true values of Islam and its importance as a beacon of tolerance and centrism.
The question of which centrism one adheres to (when the centrismterms are used in this normative sense) is not, as is sometimes assumed, a question of how one conceives of value--e.
What struck us most about Clinton's speech was his appeal to pragmatism and a sort of "middle way," characteristics of both his presidency and his governorship, as pragmatism and centrism have been characteristics of Gov.
Among other things, body centrism implies that significant differences in embodiment translate into significant differences in cognition and consciousness.
In Re:emerge, Towards a New Cultural Cartography, curator Yuko Hasegawa proposed a Biennial that reassess the Western centrism of knowledge in modern times and reconsiders the relationship between the Arab world, Asia, the Far East, through North Africa and Latin America.
His subsequent conversion to the Conservatives was hardly a surprise and throughout his book he rages against what he calls soggy centrism, almost using every page to do so in the final section, which is less autobiographical and more a review of the Conservative Party and its rivals in Wales.
President Barrack Obama had promised of centrism and bipartisanship prior to his winning the 2006 Presidential elections, but in reality he has delivered unprecedented government spending and borrowing, unsustainable debt & audacious efforts leading to an overbearing and colossal government, something which the Americans haven't seen ever before.
These dimensions are: self centrism perfectionism, other centrism perfectionism and socio centrism perfectionism.
Calian, in particular, encouraged movement toward Reformed theological centrism and left the school on a sounder financial footing.
The book provides important insights into the Clinton story even as it raises questions about centrism in modern politics that scholars in multiple fields should further examine.
Broder's centrism survived into the current era, and his columns were sober and sensible compared to the strident certitude of commentaries flowing from the right and left.
In alliance with moderates from both sides of the aisle, and with the sometimes grudging respect of heavyweights from both parties, this freshman senator is helping forge a new centrism that holds great promise for breaking the tired paradigms that have marked political life in Washington, D.