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a political philosophy of avoiding the extremes of left and right by taking a moderate position or course of action

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Self centrism perfectionism feature, other centrism perfectionism feature and socio centrism perfectionism feature, measure the subject in 5 items Likert standard from 30 to 50; and in 15 items from, 5 items, measure the three dimensions from 5 to 25.
De Velasco balances a theoretical examination of centrism as a political and rhetorical concept with four case studies of Clinton's centrist rhetoric from 1992 to 1996.
Today, there is a call for realism instead of centrism and neutrality," said Hamadeh, where Suleiman is coming under attack, and Jumblat is being forced to make major concessions.
However, the centrism of Talbani and Salih brought them local headaches: they were accused by opponents in the local elections of being too lenient," Abbas wrote in AL HAYAT.
I know a possible extension from this argument is that only history and cultural tradition can foster the sense of identity, such as the Chinese or Japanese cultural identity or the idea of centrism like the labels of Afrocentric, Asiacentric, and Eurocentric.
His initiative called al-Wasatia, a term that literally means moderation, centrism, and mid-ground, and used in the Holy Quran to mean justice and balance, raises as its slogan a verse from Surat al-Baqarat (the Cow Surah, [And We have created you Ummattan Wasattan] a mid-ground nation).
Just the sort of gelding that the Curley/Stringer team could excel with and should have identical ground conditions, too, that under which the son of King's Best made all for an easy two-and-a-half length victory from Eco Centrism over this trip at Nottingham last October.
Majali spoke to the House saying, "We are aware of the challenges facing the region, and know the reflection of those challenges on Jordan; it is a reality which requires our awareness of what is happening, and our effort to perform our duty towards the nation, especially us, the deputies, who have a role which extends to wider national prospects, prospects in which we do our duties as national men, men who join classes together rather than separating them, embody unity in its highest forms, and provide the most distinguished model of civilized dialogue where moderation and centrism are great values in the Arab identity," Majali added.
Big money's interest in opposing centrism is left unexplained.
It's less Hoyer's centrism that may cause problems for Democrats, and more what might be called his establishmentarianism.
There is an unsettling anxiety among the Canadians I have talked to that the new government will work hard to remain quiet and to sustain the semblance of centrism for the next two years, until they can call for an election that they hope will win them a proper majority in parliament.
But while Wellstone spent his life fighting his party's creeping centrism, Dean only recently took up his position as a left fielder.
It may not even be as complicated as the narcissism of conservatism, the cowardice of centrism, or the insularity of progressivism.
The published treatment trials seem to support the committee's unabashed systolic centrism.
Here a barely disguised current of hostility to state centrism that borders on anarchism, which runs through all but the very earliest of Scott's work, informs his defense of local diversity and time-tested techniques as well as his assault on the hubristic schemes of modernization specialists.