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the inward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body

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The lines-of-action of the linear force and centripetal force are nearly perpendicular.
In this case, teachers were not only influenced by centripetal forces which trended towards standardisation, and a consequently simplified categorisation of practice, but they were also agents for centrifugal forces which challenged and contested this neat simplification process, and which sought to simultaneously dismantle such statist projects and processes.
The economic centripetal forces of a common market and a common currency have turned into centrifugal by the first major economic crisis that the eurozone encountered.
In his exposition of Newton's method, Harper traces the steps by which Newton argued from the phenomenon of orbital motion to centripetal forces and then to universal gravity.
The authors tip their hats to these influential scholars and draw from their research, but they also note the limitations in the dominant paradigm in capturing other phenomenon, including the centripetal forces of internal fragmentation.
The policy area that keeps imperial elites perpetually on their toes is what the authors call the "politics of difference": diverse populations and native elites require a constant reconfiguration of imperial power, and different empires have reacted differently to these challenges--by using coercion, the attractions of imperial ideologies, or other sources of power to battle centripetal forces.
Savoie's account suggests that the way in which prime ministers use power has become structurally determined: any holder of the office would ultimately "govern from the centre" because of the reciprocal relationship between the existing capacity to do so and the centripetal forces in Canadian politics that have led to the emergence of this capacity.
Other than allusions to ethnic competition, the author does not really help the reader understand the centrifugal and centripetal forces in Kenyan society, nor does he map the most likely alternative futures for the country over the next decade.
Gordon describes its Grecian contour and volume as resulting from "the interface between centrifugal and centripetal forces of the wheel".
Key words: new economic geography, spatial economics, core-periphery model, centripetal forces, centrifugal forces
In Bakhtinian theory, polyphony or heteroglossia is the ideal, but humans tend to gravitate towards monologic unity because we are not only influenced by centrifugal but also centripetal forces, a desire to bring about coherence or 'formal unity' rather than face the overwhelming chaos of multiple voices.
But this Anglican overture is one that capitalizes on internal discord with the centripetal forces to extend aspects of practice (women priests, blessings for gay unions) rather than the previous ones of alternative ways of using symbols or reinterpreting practices, beliefs and customs into a Christian context.
Many textbooks in history, geography, sociology, political science and other social science disciplines contain such terms as inertia, momentum, friction, centrifugal and centripetal forces, and energy.
It struggles in contention with centripetal forces from Baluchistan to Waziristan to Kashmir.