centripetal force

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the inward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body

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The question arises: does Indias domestic politics create a demand for regional integration through attracting other nations, particularly Muslims, living in neighbouring countries towards it and serve as a centripetal force in the region, or otherwise One of the possible means to address this question is the study of Indias treatment of its Muslims community which constitutes Indias largest minority with over 14 percent of its population as well as about onethird of the second largest (Muslim) community in South Asia.
The latter is constituted and protected by the centripetal force of the dream-nexus.
As long as you hold the string, you create something called centripetal force toward your hand, which is felt as tension in the string.
The maksimatic cup holder changes everything about cup holders because it holds one's beverage from the top instead of the bottom; it works using centripetal force and is also gyroscopic which means it levels out automatically with grade changes in current terrain.
The lines-of-action of the linear force and centripetal force are nearly perpendicular.
The diverse opinions within the country especially in the smaller aggrieved provinces are most critical of the conduct and adventures of the armed forces than the mainstream nationalist identification with the Army as a centripetal force.
In order to see the effects of centripetal force, Coriolis force and the crack existence, the results have been exemplified for various values of the parameters.
Centripetal force pushes lugers outward from their curved path, so the sides of the track are banked to keep the sliders from flying off.
In Borges, there is rather a centripetal force at work, his multiple languages cleanly delimited from one another, the Babelian chaos held at bay, as doubles--such as L6nnrot and Red Scharlach--reveal themselves to share a single identity.
The centripetal force of EU as well as the looming prospect of integration into a promising political entity named European Union after Maastricht made the former satellites to be active in their westwards orientation and seek concrete steps to get closer.
It is a centripetal force, constantly drawing us to a center.
In a vortex, the centripetal force in the rotating column of air replaces the physical chimney and prevents cooler ambient air from entering the rising warm air stream.
It will inevitably reduce the centripetal force of the ruling party as it will give up fielding its own candidate in the constituency of Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who has suffered declining approval rates.
If a dog shakes at a sufficiently high frequency, that centripetal force can overcome the surface tension and pull it off.