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Synonyms for centrifuge

an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to separate particles from a suspension

rotate at very high speed in order to separate the liquids from the solids


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The report said that Iran had 19,138 centrifuges installed when the dismantling began October 18.
part 2 public procurement: uncooled table centrifuge.
Kharkhaneyee stressed that the final deal should be written in a way that it will include Iran's Research and Development plan (R&D) explicitly so that after the end of Iran-Russia contract, the IR8 centrifuges will enter the fuel production cycle immediately and Iran can produce its own nuclear fuel.
Several companies offer centrifuges for HDD work, some are available for rent.
He said Iran is currently building first-generation centrifuges and has installed centrifuges of the second generation, but the third and fourth generation ones are undergoing tests.
The Express 2 centrifuge is perfect for stat and ER testing, providing blood separation and platelet poor plasma (PPP) in only two minutes.
1kg, the ultracompact multifuge is a truly personal sized centrifuge that will fit within on the smallest benchtop space, yet provides unmatched capacity and flexibility.
That would leave plenty of time for detection by UN inspectors - unless the centrifuges are at a secret site.
Pilot Plant and Laboratory Size Centrifuges Available for Rental or Purchase
The Islamic republic said in October that it planned to use a new generation of faster centrifuges to enrich uranium at its newly-revealed nuclear site near the central city of Qom.
At this point, more than 5,000 centrifuges are operating in Natanz," said Aghazadeh, who is head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.
In February 2003, IAEA found a "cascade," consisting of 165 centrifuges, at Iran's Natanz facility, along with parts for another 1,000 machines.
If the flow through two centrifuges is cascaded, the first operating at lower speed than the second, particles having a higher S rate than viruses could be removed from the flowing stream, and the viruses then concentrated and banded in the second higher speed centrifuge, thus providing a large-volume S-[rho] separation.
The PA 2000 plant boasts an elaborate automated material-handling system, massive shredding and pulverizing capability, 16 centrifuges for resin separation, and depolymerization reactors to return nylon 6 to caprolactam, which is then purified and made into "near-virgin"-quality nylon 6 again.
Alternatively, the use of multiple low sample capacity centrifuges generally has higher cost implications because of capital expenditure allied with increased maintenance costs.