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the process of separating substances of different densities by the use of a centrifuge

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Avon, MA) claims to be able to harvest high concentrations of key stem and progenitor cells from bone marrow aspirate without the need for further processing via centrifugation by using its proprietary technology to limit peripheral blood dilution during the aspiration process.
There are two techniques with excellent characteristics such as centrifugation method and hydrothermal treatment.
Two further breast milk samples were separated by centrifugation at 5,000 or 10,000 rpm for three minutes, and the clear layer was tested as previously described.
centrifugation protocol of A-PRF is 1500 rpm 14 mins, Differ from Standard PRF Which is 2700 rpm 12 mins.
The Noviplex requires no power and circumvents requirements for venipuncture-phlebotomy training, needles, special vials and equipment, refrigeration and centrifugation normally associated with traditional plasma methods.
The separation of bovine X- or Y-chromosome bearing spermatozoa (X or Y sperm) has been successfully obtained through centrifugation of spermatozoa on two Percoll discontinuous density gradients.
Abstract: Centrifugation is performed on whole blood samples to obtain serum or plasma for biochemical analysis.
The 15/50 mt tubes also have a high RCF rating, which enables a broad range of applications requiring low-speed to super-speed centrifugation protocols.
Inappropriate flotation of the separator gel to the top of clinical laboratory specimens upon centrifugation has been observed in commonly used serum and plasma tubes.
Effect of centrifugation and partial removal of seminal plasma on equine spermatozoal motility after cooling and storage.
During centrifugation, a significant portion of the energy used is transmitted to the fluids being processed in the form of rotational velocity.
All specimens were immediately transported to the laboratory via pneumatic tube (<5 min transport time), promptly centrifuged (7 min at 1915g, samples A, B, and D), and analyzed within 5min of centrifugation.