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the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body

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The newly developed Grease Lubrication Type High Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearing for EV/HEV features a reviewed material ratio with the use of a new plastic retainer, while the retainer shape and material ratio have been modified to minimize its level of distortion due to centrifugal forces when operating at high rotational speeds.
The centripetal gravity this new system will create cannot be balanced by any centrifugal force.
The formula boils down to: Inertia forces + gyroscopic forces + the effects of gravity and centrifugal forces = the leaning of the body and the torque applied to the handlebars of a bike.
In the Saturn roasters, centrifugal forces effectuate a product preserving mixing of the beans.
However, planets are not perfectly round as centrifugal forces caused by spin also effect their shape.
Drum frequency on Case DV rollers ranges from 3,180 to 3,720 vpm with centrifugal forces from 4,580 to 8,877 pounds.
The centrifugal forces kept the pilot from reaching the power control levers as called for in the NATOPS emergency procedures for "loss of tail rotor drive.
The M2540 Radius GripTop 10 is ideal for general material handling applications where steep inclines and declines--in combination with turns--are required or where the centrifugal forces of fast running belts tend to displace or disorient conveyed products.
The NT Series features a counter weight feature that compensates for centrifugal forces when operating at speeds of 5500 rpm and higher.
For the past 150 years or so there has been a conflict betw een the centrifugal forces of Celtic nationalism and overcentralisation in London and the SE commuter belt.
The Cobra range of cyclone separators uses centrifugal forces to extract particles from water or liquids, thereby eliminating the need for moving parts, filter elements, screens or media.