centrifugal force

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the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body

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As centrifugal force was applied by a unit spinning at 6,000 to 8,000 rpm, the cream was delivered near the bottom of the bowl and gradually passed upward from the inner ends of the discs nearest the cream outlet.
The centrifugal force outputs available in the standard range extend from 22 Kgf (216 N) to 23,000 Kgf (225630 N).
The system utilizes a multi-pass process of mechanical agitation, centrifugal force and air classification.
The press' centrifugal force allows the thruster mechanism to maximize its hold.
We dealt with the preanalytical uncertainty added to patient results by the use of different kinds of blood tubes and instruments, variations in clotting time and centrifugal force, and delays in measurement.
Centrifugal force causes pivoting hammers to stand at 90[degrees] to the rotating shaft, throwing material against breaker plate ridges in the feed section, and then against perforated bed screens through which sized material exits.
These instruments use heat, vacuum and centrifugal force to concentrate laboratory samples by separating the solvent from samples suspended in solutions.
The most likely explanation for the overweight star, comments David Branch of the University of Oklahoma in Norman, is that the matter accumulated by the white dwarf revved up the star's rotation, creating a centrifugal force that provided extra support against the crushing force of gravity.
The centrifugal force, due to rotation, pushed metal into the runners and mold cavities, and a vertical vortex formed along the axis of rotation.
Peters used centrifugal force to push the material against the mold cavity for making artillery shells.
If the centrifugal force is greater than gravity, the ball won't fall.
Over-center cam action initiates positive mechanical closure of the cutter, aided by centrifugal force, for tool performance.
Trays and baskets are fed into the dryer automatically, and water is removed using centrifugal force.
An excess of hair gel and centrifugal force were at the root of the problem.
The air-water separator tank uses centrifugal force to separate air and groundwater mixtures, allowing the pump to have a minimum of moving parts.