centrifugal force

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the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body

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The centrifugal force outputs available in the standard range extend from 22 Kgf (216 N) to 23,000 Kgf (225630 N).
The recommended centrifugal force is 1000g-1200g for 5-15 min (14).
The centrifugal force, due to rotation, pushed metal into the runners and mold cavities, and a vertical vortex formed along the axis of rotation.
Peters used centrifugal force to push the material against the mold cavity for making artillery shells.
If the centrifugal force is greater than gravity, the ball won't fall.
Over-center cam action initiates positive mechanical closure of the cutter, aided by centrifugal force, for tool performance.
An excess of hair gel and centrifugal force were at the root of the problem.
Due to the internal grinding media recirculation with media separation by centrifugal force, extremely high flow rates are realized.
Visitors are always drawn to the perimeter, pulled by a powerful centrifugal force towards windows or to peer over balcony edges.
They believe these are the fastest and that they won't be disadvantaged by the centrifugal force encountered in the two inner lanes.
The first was a four-speed that used actual force to hold the clutches on the planetary gearbox open, and centrifugal force to close them at different torque and speed combinations.
The air is then accelerated by centrifugal force toward the inner wall of the drum.
Centrifugal force is applied to a reaction mass, creating motion that drives the tray through a set of coils
Within the text, of course, Kabnis is only one of Toomer's multiple personae; however, his prominence in Cane critiques the effectiveness of literary form as a means of imposing order on "the many" through art, for Kabnis's presence acts as a centrifugal force that explodes that order.
caliber Partition jacketed slug weighs 385 grains and rides within a one-piece, four-petal sabot wad that opens through centrifugal force imparted to it by the rifling.