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Synonyms for centrifugal

tending to move away from a center


tending away from centralization, as of authority

conveying information to the muscles from the CNS


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Local marketing and servicing of the centrifugal chillers manufactured at MBRD are performed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioners (Shanghai) Co.
the point of application of the perturbing centrifugal forces, is situated between the drive and driven rolls.
Further in centrifugal casting, longitudinal cracks are encountered primarily during the early stages of solidification in where the high rotational speeds are employed.
In this paper are proposed a rule for the determination of the support of the resultant vector of the d'Alembert's fictitious forces for plates having uniform rotation motion and a formula for calculus of the centrifugal moment for plane plates.
Designed for the dairy and food production industries, Wright Flow Technologies' TRA 500 centrifugal pumps are manufactured in 316L stainless steel and provide operational reliability, low noise and high performance with capacity up to 210 M3/Hr, pressure to 13 Bar, viscosity to 600 cPs and temperatures to 195[degrees]C.
The centrifugal force produces four additional equilibrium points.
A little PM and synthetic rubber adhesive, NSN 8040-00-843-0802, can give NBC centrifugal fans and shelter crews much more protection.
Early medium consistency centrifugal stock pumps were considered more reliable and developed higher head and better flow control than positive displacement pumps.
Thinky says its new mixing principle generates both centrifugal and centripetal forces.
They believe these are the fastest and that they won't be disadvantaged by the centrifugal force encountered in the two inner lanes.
Centrifugal force is applied to a reaction mass, creating motion that drives the tray through a set of coils
that operates without an external power source protects centrifugal pumps from the damaging effects of high temperature water.
These differences created centrifugal pressures toward internecine conflict that factionalized the movement into disparate groups.
However, according to industry experts, including mechanical contractors and the providers of refrigerants to building management, CFCs are still in wide use, and continue to be the most common refrigerant being used by centrifugal chillers in New York.