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(CENTRal EXchange) a kind of telephone exchange

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This capability enables service providers to sell IP Centrex and VoBB services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) via wholesale or direct distribution models.
Initial development of the centrex services market occurred at the high end, among large corporations and institutional customers with more than 200 lines.
By selling ISDN as part of a centrex package, many service providers win centrex sales.
Government Leads the Way in Hosted IP Centrex Adoption
Pacific Bell's Bob Lee says centrex sales doubled between 1986 and 1987, redoubled in 1988, then tripled in 1989.
Perhaps most important, mobile centrex runs counter to the main trends in fixed - mobile convergence (FMC) and in enterprise voice.
The Chinese Government is encouraging carriers to deploy NGN infrastructure as well as accelerate the migration to IP Centrex and IP PBX from their existing TDM Centrex.
Inclarity's Broadband Telephony division offers the most comprehensive business level VoIP service available, encompassing business grade IP Centrex functionality, telco capabilities and a complete service wrap around.
Our CallXpress solution has advanced integration capabilities that make it an ideal choice for some of the special environments in which Centrex may be deployed.
All-Inclusive, Flat-Priced Service Provides Big-Business VoIP Performance Without the Costs, Risks and Overhead of IP PBX Platforms or Hosted IP Centrex Services
TOKYO:6703) today announced the expansion of the mobile Centrex system(1) delivered to ITOKI CORPORATION.
Nasdaq: VRSO), a global provider of next generation network solutions, announces today the product launch of its IP Centrex solution, a turnkey, cost effective, network hosted VoIP solution that enables and supports IP Centrex features and functionality over a packet-based network for the service provider market.
Forerunner in Broadband Telephony services for the enterprise market, B3G Telecom has been investing for more than three years in developing its IP Centrex platform, and in designing and deploying its private, secured and end-to-end operated IP network.
As Sapporo Breweries plan to expand their system and eventually introduce a Mobile Centrex system, we believe they can reduce costs by 100 million yen a year.
a leading manufacturer of oral care, cosmetics and health-promoting products in Japan, has adopted Oki's IP telephony server, "IP CONVERGENCE(R) Server SS9100" for their private IP Centrex system(1).
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