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Synonyms for centrepiece

Synonyms for centrepiece

the central or most important feature

something placed at the center of something else (as on a table)

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Summary: The world's largest dagger is a centrepiece at a new exhibition, focusing on tolerance, brotherhood and co-existence among the different communities and religions in the UAE.
FOLIAGE will be transformed into Christmas table centrepieces at an event next Tuesday.
You can make a stunning centrepiece by putting pieces of fresh pine trimmings from the tree into a large decorative bowl with red and gold ball ornaments on top and place it on a table or in the fireplace.
The centrepiece could either be the nativity scene or an arrangement of angels with the Star of Bethlehem.
Gold will never go out of fashion when it comes to Christmas - so choose a centrepiece with gold and red accessories to complement it.
Use a door wreath and large candle to make your own centrepiece such as this gold pillar candle (pounds 5.
Replace favours with a centrepiece that can be given as a gift to guests at the end of the evening.
Surprise your guests by tying a ribbon to one chair at each dining table before the wedding, announce it later and whoever finds a ribbon will take home the centrepiece.