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Synonyms for Centre

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a low-lying region in central France

a place where some particular activity is concentrated

the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

move into the center


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References in classic literature ?
It is as though all the great love we bore his noble father and his poor mother had been centred in him.
Besides, in a centred mind, it signifies nothing how many mechanical inventions you exhibit.
I did not think of it again all that evening; all my thoughts were centred on something else--"
It seemed that the bitterest thoughts of her life must have centred about the wooded reaches and the bright green meadows around Goring; but women strangely hug the knife that stabs them, and, perhaps, amidst the gall, there may have mingled also sunny memories of sweetest hours, spent upon those shadowed deeps over which the great trees bend their branches down so low.
Carthoris quickly guessed that the second brute was the one he had blinded during the fight in the tunnel, but it was the dead thoat that centred his interest more than either of the savage carnivores.
In this land where the population was centred in the towns it was possible to lose sight of civilisation in a very short time, passing only an occasional farmhouse, where the women were handling red roots in the courtyard; or a little boy lying on his elbows on the hillside surrounded by a flock of black strong-smelling goats.
Hastening through the dense jungle, his mind centred upon his one fetich--revenge--the Russian forgot even his terror of the savage world through which he moved.