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y] represent the mass moments of inertia with respect to the Ox, Oz axes and respectively Oy; [omega]--the angular speed of the bending plane (the plane where the basket supports bends via vibrations); [phi]--the inclination of the shaft in the centre of mass section of the basket.
Regarding the position of the centre of mass with respect the fixing point of the basket on the shaft three situations are in the case of the console centrifugal basket and also if the centrifugal basket is assembled between the bearings: the fixing point of the basket (O) stands between the centre of mass (C) and the bearing (figure 5.
1 The fixing point of the basket is between the centre of mass and the bearing
c]--the vertical displacement of the centre of mass of the basket; [phi]--the rotation around the Oz axis of the median plane of the basket.
The variation of the fundamental natural frequency depending on the distance from the basket fixing point to the centre of mass is bigger than in the case of the centrifuge with the basket in console.
The companion star revolves around the common centre of mass at a dizzying rate, almost 20 times faster than Earth orbits the Sun," said lead author Erik Kuulkers of ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre in Spain.
The simulations enabled us to obtain the body's angles of rotation at the end of the impact, the maximum velocities of the thorax centre of mass and the maximum velocities of the pedestrian's head centre of mass.
The pedestrian centre of mass is considered to be at 0,57 from his height.
The centre of mass is on the rotation axis at the distance 3R/8 from the center of sphere.
Based on the force measurements, the Belgian team was able to reconstruct the movement of each animal's centre of mass and found that the elephant's movements are extremely economical.
Combining these approaches, the elephant's centre of mass bounces less than other animals', reducing the giant's cost of transport.
However, when the team analysed the movements of the elephant's centre of mass, they could see that it almost maintained a constant level as the animal shifted its weight from one side to the other, but bobbed down and up like a runner's during the second half of the stride.
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