centre of attention

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Synonyms for centre of attention

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

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The Aussie star made sure the under-privileged youngsters were the centre of attention on the set of Cold Mountain, which she was filming in Romania.
Mr Bhamra said: "The TXII was the centre of attention wherever we went, with people recognising it as a London taxi.
Gary Hind, enjoying such a good run at the moment and looking forward to the chance of riding Conroy on World Cup night in the Group 1 Dubai Golden Shaheen, was the centre of attention nine days ago when he tied the knot with Czech-born Marketa Michalova at the Holy Trinity Church.
Clutching a Starbucks coffee, the singer's barely- there dress guaranteed she'd be the centre of attention at a Rolling Stone magazine party in New York.
But Kerry was the centre of attention on her big day as she enjoyed the fairytale wedding she always dreamed of.
If you like being the centre of attention then magic is the perfect answer.
As this model showed off the body beautiful, it was easy to see why she was the centre of attention and top of the pack.
Clint is the centre of attention at the party until Frasier makes him embarrass himself by showing how bad a singer he is.
And in her pretty pink dress and blue tights Bo was the centre of attention among the guests gathered to view designer Ronit Zilkha's latest creations.
BENBURB midfielder Alan Jack and sweeper Derek Wingate will be the centre of attention as they gun for a place in the OVD Scottish Junior Cup final.
That was obvious yesterday when Moroccan star Hicham Zerouali found himself the centre of attention for a barking-mad fan during a training session for tonight's dogfight with Dundee at Pittodrie.
McRae and Makinen are the centre of attention because the pair are being touted as team-mates at Ford in 2000 but the stumbling block is Makinen's demand for a pounds 6million salary, twice McRae's.
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